Pageantry Events Calendar

Find or list your pageantry based event on our calendar!

Our Events Calendar will display events from various pageantry activities.  Each square of the calendar will randomly display up to six events to be held on that date.  If there are more than six events scheduled, you can click anywhere inside that square, on the date, or the number of events to display all the events for that date.  If you are a registered member of our forums, you may post your event to the calendar as well.  Simply click the "Add Event" button, login and follow the directions.

July 2019

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
 1 events: 1   
DCI: Drums Across the Desert
 3 events: 1   
DCI: Rogue DCI
 5 events: 2   
DCI: Drums of Fire
DCI: Capital Classic Corps Show
 6 events: 1   
DCI: Seattle Summer Music Games
 8 events: 1   
DCI: Drums Along the Columbia
 9 events: 1   
DCI: Drums Along the Rockies - Boise Edition
 10 events: 1   
DCI: Corps Encore
 12 events: 2   
DCI: Drums Along the Rockies - Casper Edition
DCI: Resound
 13 events: 2   
DCI: Diablo Valley Classic
DCI: Drums Along the Rockies
 18 events: 1   
DCI: Riverside Open
 19 events: 1   
DCI: So Cal Classic
 20 events: 1   
DCI: Gold Showcase
 22 events: 1   
DCI: Drums Along the Wasatch
 24 events: 1   
DCI: Mile High Showcase