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Our Events Calendar will display events from various pageantry activities.  Each square of the calendar will randomly display up to six events to be held on that date.  If there are more than six events scheduled, you can click anywhere inside that square, on the date, or the number of events to display all the events for that date.  If you are a registered member of our forums, you may post your event to the calendar as well.  Simply click the "Add Event" button, login and follow the directions.

November 2019

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
 1 events: 1   
BOA: San Antonio Super Regional Day 1
 2 events: 29   
NMMEA: New Mexico St Univ Tournament of Bands
SCSBOA: Mira Mesa Band Review
SCSBOA: Lester Oaks Tournament
AzMBA: Walden Grove Tournament
SCSBOA: Los Altos Tournament
IND: Sierra Cup Classic
 4 events: 3   
SCSBOA: South Hills Showcase of Bands
CBA: 1A, 2A & 3A State Championships
UIL: 5A State Marching Band Prelims
 5 events: 4   
SCSBOA: West Covina Holiday Classic
SCSBOA: Shadow Hills Tournament
UIL: 5A State Marching Band Finals
UIL: 1A State Marching Band Prelims & Finals
 6 events: 3   
UIL: 3A State Marching Band Prelims & Finals
SCSBOA: Westminster Tournament
SCSBOA: Westview GOLD Invitational
 7 events: 4   
SCSBOA: John North BSR Tournament
SCSBOA: Junipero Serra Tournament
SCSBOA: Duarte Field Tournament
SCSBOA: Valencia Tournament
 8 events: 1   
UMEA: Red Rocks Invitational
 9 events: 24   
Maytime Band Review
WBA: So Cal Super Show
BOA: Utah Regional Championship
SCSBOA: Moorpark Battle of the Bands
SCSBOA: Savanna Tournament
SNBS: Sierra Band Crusade
 10 events: 1   
AzMBA: Grand Championships
 11 events: 1   
USBands: Salute to Veterans Championships
 14 events: 1   
BOA: Grand National Prelims
 15 events: 1   
BOA: Grand National Prelims
 16 events: 15   
SCSBOA: Championships 1A/4A
NCBA: Lincoln Review of Champions
CSBC: Championships 1A/6A Semi-Finals
BOA: Grand National Finals
BOA: Grand National Semi-Finals
MBOS: Championship Show
 23 events: 7   
WBA: 4A/5A Championship Prelims
CSBC: 4A/5A/6A Division & State Finals
WBA: 1/2/3A Championship Prelims
SCSBOA: Arcadia Festival of Bands
CSBC: 1A/2A/3A Division & State Finals
LAUSD Band & Drill Team Championship
 24 events: 2   
WBA: 4A/5A Grand Championships Finals
WBA: 1A/2A/3A Grand Championships Finals
 28 events: 2   
Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade
Happy Thanksgiving