LAPD jr Marching Band

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Re: LAPD jr Marching Band

Post by Bandmaster » Sun Dec 22, 2019 10:24 am

ps - Oops. Tried to attach some photos but keep getting error messages that the files are too large. If someone has any tips on how I can do this successfully, please let me know.
Thanks for logging on to our website and leaving us your great memories. There any number of free programs you can download from the internet that will allow you to crop down the size of your photos. I suggest keeping the overall width of the photo to between 1600 and 800 pixels. The maximum file size allowed is 512 KB. Many good cell phone cameras take photos that are very large and have file sizes up to 2.5 MB. Unfortunately I don't have unlimited space on the webserver and just can't host unlimited file sizes. You could also post your photos on another server somewhere else and link to them in a posting here.
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Re: LAPD jr Marching Band

Post by Floroq » Fri Jan 31, 2020 9:15 pm

I was there for only a short period 70-71. I played baritone horn, and baritone sax. I remember our bus driver, he was an incredible bari-sax player. Of course I remember playing all those songs like , The Joker, Hurt so bad, and Dragnet. But, I really got a kick when we played Chant & Jubilo, and Masque. Does anybody know if the Peele brothers (Dexter & Emmett), are still up and taking nourishment?

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