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Contact: email service has been blocked on this forum

Post by Bandmaster » Thu May 04, 2006 1:20 am

We will no long accept email addresses that end in This provider has become a haven for unscrupulous web businesses that have taken to spamming their URLs to internt forums using bogus user registrations so their website link will be listed on the Memberlist. They think that this will gain them more browny points with the search engines and help their search result placement. If allowed to continue, all forums would have thousands of bogus members on their list that neither add to the conversation nor benefit the community. I DELETE all such registrations here on WoP, and of late all these bogus registrations have used the email service. If any of you are using this sevice provider I would recommend you start looking elsewhere for your email service needs. This provider is gaining a VERY poor reputation very quickly...
Dave Schaafsma
Pageantry Webmaster

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