I think the forum is fixed now!

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I think the forum is fixed now!

Post by Bandmaster » Sun Jun 20, 2004 3:34 am

I just spent 10 straight hours working on the database. :compute: I had to open each table of the database and explore around until I found where in the sequence of postings do the last server crash happen. Then find which was the last successful posting and manually delete everything after that from every table that stored info about the postings (about 5 tables, some of which had 37,000 entries). :frustrated: Also, reset the last posting ID number for each forum. This means we have lost everything back to June 6th. I am really sorry if an important posting of your's was deleted, but it could not be helped. The server crash really did a number on the database this time. For anyone that lost their account, PLEASE register again using all your old information (username, password, etc.). If you want your post count reset so you don't lose your ranking, just send me a note with your username and what your post count should be and I'll try to reset it for you. Thank you all for your patients.
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Re: Becoming a MODS & Staff Member

Post by MusicCoach » Sat Jun 26, 2004 3:19 am

Hi! Bandmaster

I'm Elizabeth Ortiz. I was wondering how someone can become a MODS and also a staff memebr for this site. I was wondering also suggest having a special forum for "ALL JUDGES" for the following areas MARCHING BANDS, PERCUSSION ENSEMBLE, DRUM CORPS!

:D :) 8-) :P
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