PLEASE Use Your REAL Email Address When Registering!!!

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PLEASE Use Your REAL Email Address When Registering!!!

Post by Bandmaster » Sun Nov 10, 2002 7:41 pm

For those that haven't yet registered or have had trouble setting up their account... if you do not use your real email address when you register, you will not be able to activate your account!!!!! After you fill out the registration form the board will send you an email with instructions on HOW to activate your account. If you don't use a real address you will never receive this email and hense will not be able to activate your account. This just wastes your time AND mine, so PLEASE read and follow the instructions on the registration form page. Thank you!!!

Also, should you ever go into your profile and change your email address, your account will be temporarily disabled until you receive an email that will allow you to re-activate your account again. These are measures that will protect the board from the troll bait that posts immature and irritating messages.

At no time is your email address ever displayed on this discussion forum. All email is sent using built-in email forms on this website. This is for your protection!
Dave Schaafsma
Pageantry Webmaster

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