MalletKAT Grand 7 KS (4 Octave) + Expander for sale?

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MalletKAT Grand 7 KS (4 Octave) + Expander for sale?

Post by marcellorlando » Fri Aug 14, 2015 6:46 pm

My name is Marcello Orlando and I'm a 7-year student percussionist. I primarily play mallet instruments; mostly the marimba. Previously, I owned a 5-octave Musser Marimba in my old house, but due to circumstances, I had to move to an apartment in Yorktown Heights, NY and give up the marimba.

I've been recently interested in the MalletKAT Pro Grand 7 KS + the addition of an extender (making the 4 octave MalletKAT a 5 octave). I asked my old renter and instructor from West Point, Mr. David Bergman, to suggest a place where I may be able to buy/try-out a MalletKAT.

I was wondering if you have a MalletKAT for sale, if you know anyone who may be selling one new/used?

I understand that there are downsides to a MalletKAT, such that the sensitivity is not nearly as good as the actual instrument, but because I will be living in apartments the next 7 years at least, the MalletKAT seems like the best option (otherwise I won't be able to play the marimba or other mallet instruments at all).

Thank you so much for your time,

Marcello Orlando

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