Drum Set Rack on Wheels

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Drum Set Rack on Wheels

Post by floatdude » Thu Jan 22, 2015 10:46 am


2 Cool Percussion Drum Set Rack on Wheels for Sale.

Move the whole drum set with just one person quickly and easily.

Mount everything to the 1-1/2 square slip proof rack.

Great for just moving around a classroom, or quickly moving around at a WGI show or marching band show.

Comes with 8" no flat castors with locking brakes and 9 multi clamps and snare arm.

Mount everything such bass drum, snare drum, cymbal booms, mics, toms and more.

Comes with bass drum mounting kit, included.

Sides fold in and out for narrow doorways and gates as well as height adjustable.

Have two boxed up and ready to ship.

$864.00 plus shipping.


1-423-462-2059 :D


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