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Post by Mpanda1986 » Wed Feb 27, 2008 4:54 pm

Hey you guys,

I am scouting dancers for my MOULIN ROUGE midterm, and I rather have people I like on set and will know how to learn choreographery pretty fast but decent.

I know once person will not be able to attend rehearsal tell shoot date, and he can pick up choreography like nonthing.

If interested you must have some kind of dance background, if you not trained in a way I am writing too. Think of it as A and B work. Also looking for a few chorus singers.

This is a revention of the scene "Come what may". It is filmed at a bar, and is split screen most of the time. Chrisitan scouts Satine, and when they meet the ordianry bar scene transforms to the moulin rouge (which choreography steps in)

This is a credit/copy shoot

You will be fed, and meet other people and have a fun time and see the experience of being on camera and showcasing all your talents.

Let me know,

Be apart of the MOULIN ROUGE.. I am taking a big risk and outperforming myself directing this project.

Rough Schedule... not pernament.. might change shoot date

Rehearsals: March4th, March 8th, March 9th, March 10th
6-9pm 3pm-8pm 3pm-8pm 6-9pm
March 11- 6-8pm, March 13th 6-9pm

The shoot date is:

March 14th, 2008 (Friday)
6am-4pm (early call time due to make-up)


-Amanda Herzberg

if interested

Ask others

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