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Our Events Calendar will display events from various pageantry activities.  Each square of the calendar will randomly display up to six events to be held on that date.  If there are more than six events scheduled, you can click anywhere inside that square, on the date, or the number of events to display all the events for that date.  If you are a registered member of our forums, you may post your event to the calendar as well.  Simply click the "Add Event" button, login and follow the directions.

October 2021

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
 2 events: 27   
NMMEA: Valencia Classic Marching Festival
SCSBOA: Bonita Tournament
USBands: Kuna, ID Invitational
USBands: Dekaney Showcase
ABODA: Prescott Mile High Invitational
BOA: Midland Regional
 6 events: 1   
Big Fresno Fair Band Review
 9 events: 32   
AzMBA: Canyon View
NCBA: Cupertino Tournament of Bands
BOA: Dallas/Ft. Worth Regional
OBA: 1A-2A-3A Marching Championships
CSBC: Escondido Tournament
SCSBOA: Cougar Fest Tournament
 11 events: 1   
CBA: Southern Colorado Marching Showcase
 12 events: 2   
OSSAA: South West Region Marching Contest
UT: BYU Rocky Mountain Band Invitational
 13 events: 1   
OSSAA: North West Region Marching Contest
 16 events: 25   
SCSBOA: South Bay Classic
WBA: SoCal Super Show
CSBC: Valhalla Field Tournament
SCSBOA: Rowland Field Tournament
WBA: Gilroy Garlic City Fall Classic
SCSBOA: Vista Invitational
 18 events: 1   
CBA: 5A Metro Regional
 19 events: 3   
OSSAA: North East Region Marching Contest
CBA: 2A/3A/4A Metro Regional
ABODA: Higley Tournament
 20 events: 4   
SCSBOA: Covina Field Tournament
OSSAA: South East Regional Marching Contest
CBA: North Regional
CBA: South Regional
 21 events: 1   
CBA: West Regional
 23 events: 27   
SCSBOA: Baldwin Park Tournament
CA-IND: Fowler Jr. High Band Review
AzMBA: Shadow Ridge Tournament
OBA: 5A Marching Championships
SCSBOA: Kennedy Invitational Tournament
NWAPA: Century Showcase
 26 events: 2   
OSSAA: West Region Marching Contest
SCSBOA: Quartz Hill Tournament
 27 events: 1   
OSSAA: East Region Marching Contest
 28 events: 1   
SCSBOA: Colony Tournament
 29 events: 1   
CBA: 4A/5A State Quarterfinals
 30 events: 23   
SCSBOA: Hart Rampage Tournament
CSBC: Big Orange Classic II
NWAPA: Class A/AA Championships
CSBC: Selma Tournament/Review
WBA: SoCal Tournament of Gold
SCSBOA: Mt. Carmel Tournament/Review