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SGV independent drumline

Post by cymtech » Fri Sep 30, 2005 2:11 pm

There's going to be a new independant winter drumline forming this season based in the SGValley area. We are inviting all HS students to try out, tryouts will be free but a tuition fee of approx. $150 - $300 will be needed to march. This depends on how many people tryout. Also, we will provide a means of fundraising for near the total amount of the tuition.

We are looking to march at most:
5 Snares
3 Tenors
5 Bass drums
4 Cymbals
8+ pit

At the least we will march:
2 Snares
1-2 Tenors
4 Bass drums
3+ pit

We have equipment already and a place to practice. We will be either stationed out of Alhambra HS or John Muir HS in pasadena.
We have a full staff, a tech for each of the sections, plus a visual designer, arrangers, the whole 9 yards! We will be doing the ADLA circuit this year and hopefully others in the years to come.

If you would like to march, you can post here, send me a PM, or send me an email at

I will be updating this thread with a link to our website and also dates on when we will have tryouts. Remember, tryouts are free and are welcome to all HS students!!
If you can play snare, tenors, bassdrum, cymbals, flute, guitar, bass guitar, know how to smack a trash can, come join us!


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