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Post by Survivor » Sat Feb 28, 2004 8:52 pm

The results are in.....


Thoses are the top 3 congrads and to let you know they are all about 1 to 10 tenths away from eachother does anyone have predictions on tomarow's ......

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Post by RifleDiva86 » Tue Mar 02, 2004 9:12 pm

I think Chino got screwed this past weekend...they were way better than Logan...

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Post by rifledude » Tue Mar 02, 2004 10:17 pm

I like Chino's show theme better than Logan's, but Chino's work isnt as hard and they had more fumbles than Logan did. But as a whole i personally think that Chino moves better and is a little more expressive.

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Post by guy0304 » Wed Mar 03, 2004 7:51 am

VIDS have been put up from power regionals


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Prelims & SA Finals Review

Post by engineer » Wed Mar 03, 2004 7:14 pm

Sorry for the delay but here you go.

Quickly, the venue, Selma Arena was very nice. Every seat in the house had a great view of the floor and since the house wasn't packed you could move around and get different views of shows. Paying for parking wasn't the best idea though, at $7 plus the ticket for the day made the show quite expensive.

I'm only reviewing a few groups only because there were so many. Generally the World and Open shows were "finished", the competitive A class shows were pretty much done as well. There were a few sound issues from the sound system, in fact James Logan Open had to reset their show. There is a huge difference between the Post-Block A class groups and the other finalists, the same hold true for Scholastic Open, major differences. As far as scoring goes, after looking at the recaps online they weren't as consistent as one would think they should have been.

Independent A Prelims (top 4 to finals)
Fever (4th - 67.85) - Their set was mirrored panels and a white floor. The show was Christina Aguilera's "Voice Within". The highlight of this show was the weapons, strong performance, strong presence. The show develops ok, the ending could be more effective with the pause in the music and the growing intensity. Most of the flag feature was clean.

Pacific Alliance (3rd - 68.75) - A much improved group from last year. Weapons were another strong point for this group, it was clean. Some technical issues with movement got my attention. Fast paced music, blue uniforms and lost of backdrops. They still have a ways to go, but it's looking good for them.

Pacific Crest (2nd - 69.00) - I didn't get to see them.

In Motion (1st - 75.30) - Definitely the most sophisticated group in their class, not counting PC since I didn't see them. Its the same kind of show as the two previous years, still a very strong performance as well from the entire ensemble. I could see them making finals this year once more.

Scholastic Open
General comments - Huge score range, 53.20 - 76.35, but it did reflect the shows put on the floor. The scores for some of the schools were a bit low, I thought Fairfield should have scored a bit higher, but the placement was correct. Buchanan's show is still a work in progress lots of work needs to be filled in, Clovis East's show doesn't meet the expectations of the open division, Oak Grove score was also low IMO, Bonita Vista's had a well thought out show concept, Moreau wasn't clean but had very strong movement, Upland I can't remember.

Mt. Carmel (7th - 69.85) - I wasn't surprised to see this group move down a class, this was an Open show though. Some good moments on the floor, solid catches.

Diamond Bar (6th - 71.55) - Nice show concept, Paper Airplane, it was very well developed through out the show. In fact they fold their floor into a paper airplane, from a side view. The flags were clean, a few drops from weapons but other than that the equipment book matched the class.

Clovis (5th - 72.20) - Another show that should have scored higher. One thing that this group excels at is presence. The organization of this show was done well with the split lines, building to the flag feature. The flag feature itself was fast and clean. This show has potential for WGI Open Finals.

Rancho Cucamonga (4th - 72.40) - I liked the weapon book with the variety of tosses and equipment handling. The color scheme was on the neon side, but it worked with the music, which I can't remember. Their flag feature was clean and intense, I liked it.

Mission Viejo (3rd - 75.85) - The staging was well done in coordinating the entrances and exits with the backdrops on the floor. That has to be an easy show to mark with the black outlined squares. Equipment wise, it's clean, it's effective, it works.

Chino (2nd - 75.90) - A Spanish show theme, this show looked liked the final product on the floor. Good use of backdrops to create the stage and the mood. One thing I noticed about this school last year was how well the caught weapons, they didn't let me down this year. Vocabulary wise its musical, but you might get left wanting more with the flag feature.

James Logan (1st - 76.35) - The spread between Chino and Logan seemed very small. As an ensemble the show commanded presence and they didn't let you down. Moving towards a more classical selection they brought "Ode to Joy" to life, the narrative was a good addition. This show has finals potential written all over it. The flag feature much more intense than last years, excellent execution for the ensemble toss. First Logan show I've seen with backdrops.

Independent Open
San Jose Raiders (3rd - 69.65) - This show didn't seem that far away from Esperanza de Luz. Although the difference between the ensembles shows' could have made the difference. Doing Catch Me If You Can they have some nice weapon moments, but that got hindered with drops. Angles were kind of funny with the angled toss on flag. The show concept was taken to its potential just needs to be cleaned.

Esperanza de Luz (2nd - 76.25) - From what I remember about this group they had a nice flag feature. Lot's movement and saber work. This show has potential for WGI.

Orion (1st - 77.10) - Hot. They play off the "Kill Bill" movie very well in terms of attitude. The equipment work was great, the flag feature was on for the most part. A fun show to watch, especially from the floor, loved every moment of it. Solid catches on weapon and that slight pause of after the catch is what I love to see. Finalist worthy at WGI.

Scholastic World
Ayala (5th) - Doing very well in their transition to World Class. Another show is moving backdrops but not as confusing in terms of staging. They have their work cut out for them though to make it into finals with so many promising groups this year. From an equipment perspective it needs to be cleaned.

Arcadia (4th) – For some odd reason I was expecting to see large poles on the floor. They did a 180 on the show concept compared to last years from hard hitting music to soft seamless music. Strong movement training, the uniforms with relation to the floor leave their body very exposed to errors, at least from the floor though I couldn’t see many.

Clovis West (3rd) – This show was what I was expecting from them last year in terms of equipment work and staging. Over the Rainbow shows the full potential of this group, and similar to Arcadia the uniforms with the floor leave them very exposed. The difference here is that they take the music an extra step further and embody it. Could this show pass up Beyer? It’s too early to say but the scores were close. The end of the flag feature build has a nice GE moment.

Beyer (2nd) – A change from their typical classical type show with the movement that went with it. Never the less it was a nice change of pace but could potentially hurt them. This show should be viewed to where at least you could see the drill develop to fully appreciate it. The mirrored effect is played out well and it’s clean, not finals clean but clean. Compared to the previous flag features this one make you want more. Top 3 at WGI, maybe not, but then it’s only February and this show could intensify by great leaps by then.

James Logan (1st) – Seeing this show at this juncture of time, you can tell that number 7 is in the future. Their score reflected every aspect of their show precisely. GE, very in your face; Ensemble, it’s there; Movement; excellent technical training; Equipment, seeing more sabers was great. The blend of the parade music with the in your face moments was best part of the show, two sides of a spectrum brought together. From start to finish they’ll give you what you want.

Independent World
Corona (4th) – Their show has basic training theme to it. I remember first hearing about this guard and the hype surrounding it. After seeing this show they have quite a bit to work on to make finals, a great show but dirty. My biggest irk with this show was catching, so many great moments but too many drops or the catches weren’t strong. The idea with the tires may need to be rethought or better worked on because most of the performers who went through there fumbled with either their equipment or feet. Nice opening statement.

Esperanza de Luz (3rd) – I’ve never seen this group live before but I’m glad I got to see them at this show. This show is moved by the intensity of the music and the best part is that the show design matches it perfectly. A crowd pleaser, and will make finals easy.

San Jose Raiders (2nd) – Another latin show, well sort of. It has a latin flavor but there are other elements to the show. Much more intense than last year’s show, my best explanation of is putting a Raiders spin to a Fantasia type show. Don’t think too much into that though because they make this theirs and have their “trademark” moments. They have great levels of emotion through the different parts of the show and an awesome ending statement, if that really is their ending. They do though, have their work cut out for them if they want gold especially with Fantasia pulling slowly ahead with every meeting.

Fantasia (1st) – Similar to what I said about Raiders, picture Fantasia doing a Raiders type show. Again though, don’t put too much into that because the equipment book is typical Fantasia. Concept wise they captivate the emotion to its fullest degree. If you haven’t seen the video at the WGI website go see it. They had the best movement I saw all day. Lots of GE moments in the show and it’s more subtle than last years show so you can take in the full effect of what just happened. Set wise the chairs on the floor create some effective moments as well, especially in the beginning. This show has what it takes to take gold.

Scholastic A Finals
As mentioned above there was a difference between the groups who achieved post block and those who didn’t. Thus I’ll be starting with those groups in the review. Quickly starting from 15th, Hanford West, the added staff was a step in the right direction for this group; 14th – Fountain Valley, 13th – Cerritos, Rifle feature was the highlight of this show; 12th – Poway; 11th – Liberty, Don’t like using the word cute to define a show but that’s what this one is, Sound of Music fans will like this one; 10th – Arroyo Grande, the visual design was well done; 9th – Foothill, solid, clean; 8th – Live Oak, effective use of floor design in terms of drill; 7th – Ramona; solid weapons. These next six groups ensure California’s best showcase of the SA class.

Amador Valley (6th) – The strength of this show is how it flows. It starts and all of a sudden it ends, but in a good way. It’s developed very well, every part of the show is has its place and the selection of equipment makes sense to the design and music.

Esperanza (5th) – The highlight of this show is the concept, Women then and Now. The sound track will bring a smile to your face but don’t get caught up in it because you’ll miss a great show. Two stand out moments, the all saber feature and the flag feature, clean, clean, clean.

Westview (4th) – It’s hard to believe that this is only the second year of this program, from what I’ve heard. The performers bring this show to life, don’t exactly remember what this show was about just remember it had a bright pink floor. Not as clean as Esperanza but just as entertaining.

Delano (3rd) – Another growing program. This group has a very nice visual design and a tonight was a great performance. They had penalties that cost them 2nd but you can’t deny this was a good show and the kids do a nice job with it. One thing holding this group back is the equipment book, not as difficult as the other shows but again, this show is held up from an ensemble stand point and GE.

Clayton Valley (2nd) – Not a fan of the floor, but the show I did like. What Delano didn’t have in terms of equipment book Clayton Valley had plus visual design. What’s holding this show back? It’s not clean yet, but when it is this could pass up Dublin. The way this develops and builds its greatest strength, but more GE moments are needed further enhance this show.

Dublin (1st) – A complete package full with emotion, movement, GE and vocabulary. Not as intense of Delano but the two shows have different appeals. This show – Music from Schindler’s list - is very subtle, moving, and seamless and they do a good job of brining it to life. Their competition is pretty set and they’ll have to push it up because this looks like a final product, where as Delano and Clayton Valley still have a ways to go. Other than that I’ll add timeless to the description of this show, because the way this show moves will make you feel as if time has never moved.

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Post by crack it » Wed Mar 03, 2004 9:10 pm

wow that was a butt load of writing!

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Post by engineer » Wed Mar 03, 2004 11:02 pm

I'd rather write one of those than a technical document any day. One of the reasons that took me a while to write, that and trying to just filter out each color guard in your head after two days of watching numerous groups. I will be at Hayward next month, but don't go expecting another review like this, this season :D

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