Antioch Delta Winter Review 2/28/2004 Scores (NCBA)

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Antioch Delta Winter Review 2/28/2004 Scores (NCBA)

Post by LTL'98 » Sun Feb 29, 2004 10:42 am

These were the scores I herd from the stands, if there are any corrections feel free to make them in reply. If you would like to see the Guard awards I have posted them on the guard board. Great Job everyone, I really enjoyed the shows.

Percussion Awards

1.) 75.85 Livermore
2.) 72.4 Golden Valley
3.) 71.35 California
4.) 67.2 Tokay

Stand Still
1.) 65.4 Mission San Jose

1.) 87.3 Deer Valley
2.) 79.2 Bella Vista
3.) 77.35 Lincoln

1.) 81.75 Lodi
2.) 81.5 Atwater

1.) 90.7 Foothill

182.4 Foothill

While I didn't get to watch the whole show, I did get to see a couple of the Novice Percussion shows, and all of the Amateur Shows except for the Bella Vista show, both scholastic shows and Foothill. HUGE Gap between Deer Valley and Bella Vista... I predict Deer Valley to move up into Scholastic. Foothill scored an amazing 90.7 on their first show, that is quite the feat! I was hoping for more Percussion shows, but thats what next weekend is for... hope to see everyone there!

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