WGI Riverside Reg. with a positive spin

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WGI Riverside Reg. with a positive spin

Post by getitnot » Wed Feb 18, 2004 9:16 am

Let me start by saying both of my posts are just MY opinions. Both are MY true opinions and I stand by them.


Esperanza de Luz: Liked the uniforms, Cool music, Looked like this show will be a good one.

Black Knights: The preformers had real good skills and perform like they are having fun.

Blue Devils: George is great, Show is fun to watch.


Mt.Carmel (from prelims) Big improvment from last Year.

Arcadia: I need to see them a few more times, but enjoyed their show.

Ayala: Sorry, I missed them

Clovis West: Over the Rainbow, nice show, good skills.

Rancho Bernardo: WOW, Great Show. If not for James Logan, RBHS could be the top dog.

James Logan: Don't need to say a word... well one. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!


Signature: Thanks for coming out again this year.

Corona: Good show Idea, Can wait to see it clean.

Lealta: I really like the music, Once they clean and tweek, should be fine

Esperanza de Luz: This is were the class started looking like WORLD Class. I liked this show. this was my second favorite IW show of the day.

San Jose Raiders: Nice show. Like it better then last year but... still missing something. Maybe when they have uniforms.

Fantasia: WOW, Great skills but the show left me wanting more. And I'm sure they have more as time goes on.

Northern Lights: THIS WAS MY FAVORITE SHOW. Great show, ALL the guys could spin, and they performed it great.

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Post by guarddude » Thu Feb 19, 2004 3:36 pm

Northern Lights was very clean for this time of the year. Their upper bodies were very relaxed and they looked very comfortable with equipment in their hands.

Movement wise...Fantasia had it hands down.

Esperanza had a great all around package especially the three lines that weaved in and out of each other. WOW!!!!!!!!

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