IN MEMORIUM: Rel Revago... A US Hero

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IN MEMORIUM: Rel Revago... A US Hero

Post by Mr Pageantry » Tue Nov 25, 2003 10:08 am

Recent coverage on TV brings us the sad news that Rel Revago, from Glendale California died in Mosul Iraq when his vehicle was attacked.
What is relevant to all of us is his pride in having been a member of the Glendale HS 'Drum Corps' or Drum Line.. each TV report proudly showed him in full uniform with the drum line and by himself. Born to a family of Filipino Emigres.. Rel was the first child in his family to be born here on US soil... He was one of the best known students at Hoover HS in Glendale CA, and a beloved member of their band. He decided to join the US Military after graduation rather than to go directly into college... His father gave a rather unique interview about his sons patriotic feelings and love for America.. and his love for his school and their drum line... His band Director also was interviewed and really had some terrific things to say about this young man....
We are proud of Rel even though we never met him in person.. but he reflects the finest in our band and corps community. He will be missed.

Months back we requested the names of former band members and corps members and guard members serving in the military... we would still like to hear from YOU if you know of someone we should be honoring for their patriotism .....

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