More Importantly....What If?

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More Importantly....What If?

Post by InnocentBystander » Sun Nov 23, 2003 7:41 pm

What if SCSBOA DOES NOT have championships anymore? Since a lot of bands like to complete the season before Thanksgiving. If the championships were held the first weekend in December, (as was the case in back in the day) I'm sure there would be a sizable number of bands which would be reluctant to participate. It has been noted on this board that the championship was a two year trial. Should there be a dual event for parade and field? Should they scrap it and say it was good while it lasted? Should they rearrange the competition schedule, which for all intent and purposes has been written in stone at this point?

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Post by Lehua » Sun Nov 23, 2003 8:24 pm

Here's a post I put on another topic that hasn't gotten any comments... I think that we'll probably see championships continue in some format in the years to come. To avoid the variety of scores from one show to another, here's the post:

First of all, I'd like to say 'Congratulations' to SCSBOA for taking on the challenge of holding championships! It's not been that long since bands were placed in whatever division the show host chose to put a group in- a band of 100 could find themselves competing against a band of 200, for example. However, the difference in scores from one competition to another is a problem, because of the use of different judging panels. Here is an easy solution-
Host a one-day competition with all the bands in a division that wished to qualify for championships performing. This year's championships was held with 30 bands performing at each site. Invite bands to apply for the shows before the school year starts, and don't take more than 30 per division. Then, either hold the Preliminary show perhaps the first weekend of November, or perhaps set up a weekday show if there's not enough qualified judges for 3 to 4 shows on the same weekend. We have concert festivals on weekdays- why not a field show, especially one that would qualify for championships? Possibly combine a couple of divisions at one site if the numbers were similar to this year. The judging panel would therefore be more consistent, because it would be the same panel for all groups in each classification. Then, take the top 10 scoring bands from the Preliminary show and they go to Championships, using the format currently in place. To seed bands in the prelim show, we could do something similar to WGASC's championships- average the two highest scores from the season, and seed bands in prelims so that the top 5 bands compete in the last 5 time slots- but the bands are placed in those 5 last spots in random order. Bands 6-10 also are in random order, etc...
Oh, and put marching judges on the field! Maybe percussion and a music judge, too.
Any thoughts?
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Post by jacjar1 » Sun Nov 23, 2003 8:27 pm

Sounds alot like BOA..
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