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 Post subject: Moorpark Class 6A review
PostPosted: Thu Nov 20, 2003 7:47 pm 
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I'm sorry! Its a little late! I said I'd have it up by tuesday...but some things cam eup, and I have to post them now.
Every 6A band was truely great...thank you to all of them.

Music: The New World Symphony
After returning from my break, I was just a bit too late to get seating, so I ended up hearing this band from behind, using an exercise machine as a seat. So please keep in mind this a review from “backfield”.
1st: This group got off to rather a wobbly start, and it sort of plagued them through the entire opener. The opener was noticeably out of tune, with the band struggling to play together for the first few bars. Some instruments also stuck out a bit. But when it got together, the band played very well. The opener itself was well done overall, with the music entertaining, a great sounding lower brass sound.
2nd: Once again, a nice lower brass sound. Great tone quality! When upper brass entered in this second movement, they did so with such skill that it blended together superbly. However, as the music grew louder, there were some pretty clear note discrepancies, and the low brass, which still maintained a great sound, began to waver in and out of tune. Still, the second movement was enjoyable!
3rd: The beginning phrases sounded very much like the theme from “Jaws”, but I’m not sure if that was what the third movement was based on. Anyway, the mood of the closer was nicely set and maintained. The drumline didn’t seem to lock in very well, but that didn’t take away from anything. The entire group, being 6A, had this remarkable booming sound to it…and for being behind such a group made it all more admirable to hear. The ending impression was most impressive and really intense…left me feeling goosebumps. Great job guys!
Note: Just tuning and you guys will be a strong band to listen to!

Thousand Oaks
Music: Echoes of Camelot
I had heard much about this group’s show going into this evening’s performance, but I had not seen nor heard this group this year. This show…well, it just totally blew me away.
The group started very quietly as to simulate the oncoming parade of a royal procession, which slowly built up until the march climaxed to reveal an incredible sound! Now hearing the woodwinds in this piece…the runs that they played were both hard and long, yet played to perfection, on ever occasion there was a run! This group was impressive in every single aspect, leaving me to describe the performance as something words can’t describe. A marcher’s thrill!
2nd: Ah, the royal feasts. In this case, the Medieval dance. A well-themed part of the show included the traditional types of dancing, as well as their very own minstrel’s band! Very nice!
3rd: Darker music here. Superbly executed! There were a few cracked notes in the brass, but they were so minuscule that you would end up ignoring them and focusing on the sound. The sound was so surrounding and immersing…nothing but sound! Perfection in technicality, with superb balance. Just astounding!
4th: This was the ballad of the show. I don’t have much to say about it, other than its was beautifully done, and left me in awe once again.
5th: Ah, at last there was a mistake! The group began to overblow, and the low brass as a result got a bit sloppy. There was something more here than music…the dueling colorguard! There was just so much to take in here and before you knew it, the show and performance was at an end. A standing ovation was more than merited here, and the audience literally went wild!
Note: I can’t say a thing here! It has been such a long time since I’ve heard such a great show! Incredible, and I’m sure on the field it is a marcher’s dream!

Granada Hills:
Music: Pictures of Spain: 1809
First of all, I want to apologize to the nice ladies I was seated next to. I told them I’d have this review up for them by Tuesday, but I’m a bit late. Sorry! Here is the review I promised you ladies!
Now this group had such an act to follow, but the equaled it in stunning ness.
1st: The first few notes locked in very well together, and the band revealed themselves to have a superb woodwind/brass balance. Catchy music! The tempo increases were very gradual and well done, accompany by various blasts of sound. Very well played, including the woodwind runs! The colorguard was very impressive, and it added to the already high energy the group had. It left me saying only one thing: I WANT MORE LOUD!!!!!!!
2nd: I can only say one thing here: Wowness. Wowness and then some. The only thing I’d suggest is that maybe a little bit more emotion. Other than that…wow!
3rd: Dark brass well established here! However, there were some problems with the syncopation, as it could have been a little bit better. Also, the group didn’t seem to lock together towards the end. Too much trumpet, not enough band sort of thing. Still impressive as a closer! Great, great job!!!
Note: Just plain greatness. Just lock things in a bit more, and you guys will do great! Best of luck to you guys for championships!

Note to Monache, Thousand Oaks, Granda Hills: Thank you guys for such great performances...its what marching band is all about and each of you brought it that night!

To All Bands: Never have I been so entertained! Thank you all for such great performances, and maybe I'll see you guys next year!

Good luck to all bands particiapting in any championship!

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