What is your funniest or worst field experience?

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Post by blondeflutechick » Tue Nov 11, 2003 10:42 pm

It's not really that embarassing, but this year during homecoming (it was halloween and rainy) we did our fieldshow. We'd never really practiced entering the field to get to the first set, so our spacing was off. The last set, we have to do this criss-crossy thing where the lines split up and intertwine (left half goes to the right as right half goes right.) Well, I was the very last person all the way in the back corner, and the girl in front of me was missing, so my guiding was just a little off. Reminder: it was raining that week. We were sliding to the left, and my line was too close to the trumpet line behind me, and I was trying to pay attention to my steps so I wouldn't fall. His bell hit my shako and got stuck on the knob for the chin strap for about a second. But we were going pretty fast so it kind of knocked me out a little bit. Did I say it was the very last set? Well, I forgot to line up with everyone else, bring my flute down slowly, and I forgot the whole procedure of getting off the field. And the best part is: we get to do it again this Friday night!

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Post by Lizzy05 » Tue Nov 11, 2003 10:50 pm

We had practice tonight and for the 1st time ever I fell! It was a scatter and me and this other kids feet kept getting tied up for about 7 steps, then mine went in front of his as he was going and I fell. The ground is not as soft as one would hope. My baritone got dirt on the bell and crap and my elbow got a little scrapped up and butt hurts! lol. But people are right, when you fall, you think about nothing else but getting back up and just getting back into formation or whatever.
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Post by ODannyBoi » Wed Nov 12, 2003 3:03 pm

I lost my pants during a solo. Got a standing ovation... (no puns please :? )

Don't believe me? It was my senior year in high school, Claremont Field Tourney '89. (@La Puente H.S.) I was Asst. DM and usually wore a DM uniform on the field. The Band Clique (you know who I'm talking about) threw a hissy and demanded that for the competition I wear a regular band uniform. Besides being hideous, these uniforms used long jackets and normal height trousers that required a belt or suspenders. My DM uniform had a waistcoat and high pants with built-in suspenders. Unfortunately, the only uniform pants that were long enough were wide enough to fit two of me... and I had no belt...

The safety pins held until the drum feature and my solo started off the closer, the very next thing.

After 8 counts, I realized something was wrong.
After 12 counts, so did the audience.
After 16 counts, the waitband had fallen to my thighs.
After 20... my calves.
After 24... my ankles.
And after 32 counts, my solo was over. I high marked time out of my pants and fell back in. I marched the rest of the show in my gym shorts. I am quite proud to say that I never broke attention.

The audience response seemed to maintain an inverse proportion to the height of my pants. By the time the pants had settled on my feet, the audience had risen to theirs. :?

Dr. Gary Iida (then Claremont Director) presented me with the "Showmanship Award" which consisted of a hand signed certificate and a few bars of World's Finest Chocolate. The ironic thing is that years later as my director in the P.C.C. band, Dr. Iida recounted this tale to me without know to whom he was speaking. He bought me lunch when I told him it was me.

So let that be a lesson... always be prepared with a belt or suspenders. And never, ever EVER let The Band Clique boss you around.
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Post by handgunsandsecondchances » Wed Nov 12, 2003 5:16 pm

Last year during Field Season at a morning practice my guy friend who is a Tuba fell backwards
After practice i asked him if he said anything when he fell
then he re-enacted what he said yelling it..

so there was this one part where i had to book it through lots of speeding Trombones..
They were all speeding backwards and really i had to try and dodge them
So usually i'd go through 2 of them and have to duck under one or 2 (while i'm supposed to be doing a ripple)
So i go through the first one and duck..
and i forgot about the second one and it's right when they stick their trombones out really far..
so i slammed my head into a trombone...
i had a bruise

at our last competition this year i totally swiped my friend with my swing flag
but she was like one of those guards in London..
and didnt flinch.. which was suprising.. cause she's a freshman..
so i expected her to freak out

and i've had a clarinet ram into me.. and swiped a clarinet with my swing flag too
This is the first year i've actually hit ban members with my flags
i've hit some trombones, a trumpet player, a tenor sax, and a clarinet..

On the field, if you hit…

Another flag = 0 points.
A flute = 10 points.
A clarinet = 10 points.
A saxophone = 15 points.
A trumpet = 20 points.
A trombone = 25 points.
A baritone = 35 points.
A sousaphone = 50 points.
A drummer = 55 points.
A drum major = 65 points.
The band director...Run!

So, what that's about 70 points for me.. not including the other trombones i have hit
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Post by WondrflNitemare » Wed Nov 12, 2003 7:18 pm

the funniest thing that ever happened to me was at a rehersal very recently actually. we are on this really muddy feild and i have to got through this really muddy spot that is so bad that when you step water comes up. i was marching in my vans so they were all loose and when i took the next step my shoe came off and i had to do the next couple of sets without a shoe. afterwards i yelled "i demand dirt now!!!" as one of the guys in my section goes and gets my shoe for me. it was caked in mud. it was kinda funny because i march next to a couple of friends and we couldnt stop laughing and i almost did it again!

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i beat everyone

Post by Cymbal_Queen » Wed Nov 12, 2003 7:42 pm

in my freshman year i marched 3rd bass (drum) and we had to split half time with the band from the other high school (which was really lame by the way) and my bass captain was behind me (hes a really big big big guy) and we had to back march a long distance in a small amount of time, from one side of the feild to the other (i'm extreamly tiny by the way- 5th shortest in band @ bearly 5'1'') not even 5 measures into the song and i eat it backwards and just bearly miss getting permanently implanted into the football feild by my captain, then adout 30 sec. later you can see me running across the feild to get back into formation(my band director was filming that performance). it was so funny,when i fell i was in back feild and you heard the opposing team's fans laugh and ours gas, it was great. then he had shown it to the band that night & the next day & some of them wanted to pay me money to do it again at a comp just for laughs. oh and did i mention that my oh so loving director also had it posted our our band web site the entire year, who knows it might still be there but i dont think so. if it is you can go check it out at serranoband.com anyways i'll talk to you kids later.
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big drum

Post by chickinthebattery » Sat Nov 15, 2003 11:06 am

I play 3rd bass and the 4th bass guys behind me takes huge stride. he cannot see over his drum so his wat of knowing he has gone too far is when he hits me with his harness. We were learning a new set for 20 countsat 2 step intervals ( witch was as big as his drum). The 4 th bass drummer didn't stop after 20 counts he just keep on going at full speed. Hitting me twice causing a chain reation. The marching instuctor yells from the box hey 4th bassdrummer the 3rd bass drummer hates you for hitting her in the back of the head. It was so funny finally seeing blush for hitting me. :jester:

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Post by clarinetcutieB12 » Sat Nov 15, 2003 4:00 pm

lol, chickinthebattery, good times, good times! :wink:

My most embarrassing field moment was last year. I was a freshman and it was the first long saturday rehearsal. I had to get to a set and I freaked out cause I lost my place in the music. I then proceeded to BOOK IT across the field - 20 yards in the WRONG direction. :oops:

I hear my director over the loudspeaker: "C 10 was that just a fluke or do you do that every time?"

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Post by PricklyPearPeople4meandU » Sat Nov 15, 2003 5:56 pm

well at the end of one of our tuesday rehersals i was really tired and not really paying attection. the director asked us to take a couple of sets then stop before the turn-around. when we went through the move, at the place we were suppose to stop everyone stayed still but a turned around and kept marching for atleast 6 steps before realizing that nobody else was moving!!!! :oops:
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