Review: BOA San Antonio (Prelims) - Part 2 of 3

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Review: BOA San Antonio (Prelims) - Part 2 of 3

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This review is dedicated to my brother, Mark Irons, who like me loves the performing arts.

***Part 2 of 3***

Mabank High School
Mabank, TX
Repertoire: Hymnsong Variations" featuring music from "Sinfonia Voci" and "On a Hymnsong of Lowell Mason" by David Holsinger
Comments: The trumpets near the side B 40 yard line have a strong sound. Now everyone else, get that sound out there! Mellophones seemed restrained at one moment, and up, up and away the next. Okay, the Holsinger tunes seem somewhat basic. Because of the blandness of sound, the show may have had the spirit sucked out of it. The melody of the second movement was excellent. Please, band, give me something to crave. Alright the third movement had that gallant brass sound, and this band took it from there. No phasing allowed. Okay! We got some jazz running and some rotating lines that end up in a rhombus shape. Overall, a fine show, minus the details that make it a stellar show. I could not complain much, though. They performed it to the max. Like many of the bands from Texas today, they were music masters.
My Score: 63.50
My Placement: 42nd

The Colony High School
The Colony, TX
Repertoire: "Symphonie Fantastique" by Hector Berlioz
Comments: Three sizes of scaffolding were on the field, and two high pictures of what appeared to be birds, and, I think, a moon. A solid block of marchers moved backfield. The color guard member on the lowest level of scaffolding made a nice toss, but was off a bit on the catch. The trio of bassoon players seated up front mixed nicely with the clarinets on the left side of the field. The Colony had that concert band feel to their sound, which I much admired. Hey, they even marched with concert tubas (which could not have been easy). One clarinet player fell near the scaffolding on the backwards motion. Alright, you know, I love the sounds, and the movement is there...but they need to spice it up a bit. Perhaps a dynamite percussion show with some insane marching and movement by the rest. The sky is the limit. Sure, not every band can sound and look as great as these guys, but they can have those "moments" that stick out in my mind. One moment I caught was the catching of the rifles near the tubas staged to the left portion of the field. Not bad! But, was it me or was this band missing something?
My Score: 77.00
My Placement: 25th

Whitesboro High School
Whitesboro, TX
Repertoire: "Energy and Passion: The Music of David Holsinger" including "Abram's Persuit," "On a Hymnsong of Phillip Bliss," and "Three Tapestries Mvt. 3"
Comments: The drum majors called the band to attention, most of who formed the shape of a cross. Alright, steady holding of the beat by all. Perhaps too steady? This band had a careful sound to it. I wanted to hear a daring sound. Ooh! Do not move during a halt, clarinet player up front! These kids sounded like they were on the verge of falling apart, but kept their composure quite well, especially near the end of the first part. Way to bring that part out, trombones. Do not be afraid to wail, now, woodwinds. The trumpet and mellophone duet was nice and neat. Yeah. That gentle sound at the end of that slower movement goes a long ways. That is what I like to hear. Great work following drum majors' conducting in the third movement, and the percussion feature worked out while the rest of the band was doing their thing, being as visual as possible. Although they were not laser-like in their perfectionism or "effectiv-ism," they had a decent hand of cards. Now all it needs is something to remember it by.
My Score: 58.00
My Placement: 55th

Victoria Memorial High School
Victoria, TX
Repertoire: "An American Adventure: The Sights, Sounds, and Spirit" including "The Mind's Eye" featuring "Rocky Point Holiday," "Cities in Lights" featuring "Moondance," "Hoedown" and "Viva Las Vegas" and "The Spirit" featuring "An American Elegy" and "A Mighty Fortress is Our God"
Comments: In the center of the field was six background props with mostly cold colors or arrows going crazy directions. Two huge tents were set up on opposite front corners of the field. A narrator adds a nice flavor to the introduction, with swells of sound across the field by different horns. After the words, "Home of the brave," a humongous sound by the band is formed! The "Rocky Point Holiday" music was not smooth around the edges, but they kept it going. The diagonals at the end of that movement were somewhat straight, too. I like how the backdrops changed scenery, the girls in cowboy hats, and rifle twirls. Alright! Las Vegas style dance girls in red with big red fan-like plumes, took the stage front field. I did not see that kneel coming from the band during the main impact. What a way to surprise me. Their sound was magnificent, here. One trumpet player was severely out of place during the percussion feature, but got his act in gear relatively fast. I love the organ sound at the end, and the red, white, and blue flags that seemed to flood the field.
My Score: 75.70
My Placement: 28th

Donna High School
Donna, TX
Repertoire: Selections from "Tommy"
Comments: Silver spheres dotted the front sideline, while one of the silver spheres was held by a member of the auxiliary. The sounds of "Tommy" were brought to the field with gusto. Easy, low brass. Send the notes out with a ring, not a ping. Impressive! Non-stop energy throughout. There were few problems with the lines (in regards to forms.) Okay, in the second movement, the cessation of drill needs to be like a snapshot. Way to go trumpet soloist, hitting the roof of the dome with those notes. This band knows how to get down when they relax and wail, but they need to be careful not to lose their heads. Mellophone soloist, nice work, trumpet soloist, nice work (and though you missed those high notes you made a wise move by going lower near the end, there). This show had the "Tommy" feel to it, which sometimes has the tendancy to go overboard in sound. I favor a less "distorted" sound, but despite that they seemed to fit the demand of the program.
My Score: 67.50
My Placement: 38th

Westlake High School
Austin, TX
Repertoire: "Respighi: Then and Now"
Comments: Most of the band is disorganized on the turf, with arms extended to the side. The superstar trumpet section has a sound to fall in love with. Converging lines, "DNA" twists, peeling What else was on the menu? Geez! Talk about high, high demand. These kids made the risky look easy. They "fit" many of the drill moves like perfectly putting together a puzzle. The second movement had relentless sound that kept going and going, and ended with a delicate touch. The block in motion that swirls into a circle like a tornado and them becomes a block again is stunning. And the band ends it all with a tight triangle of brass up front, and a loose triangle of winds out more. All in all, a powerful show. The sound seemed to overshadow the moves, but that did not too important since much of the show rocked. They had a juggernaut effect taking the field, and had a juggernaut effect leaving the field. Now, what is the word on how they compare to the other top "biggies"? That is yet to be seen.
My Score: 85.00
My Placement: 9th

Edinburg North High School
Edinburg, TX
Repertoire: "A Portrait of Color" including "Shadow," "Transparency," and "Reflection" and "Prism"
Comments: Two sets of oposing diagonal lines had motion early on in this show, with the visual flare a plus. This band did not have a large pit, but it seemed like they did not need it! Everyone did their part. Was that a hint of "Somewhere, OVer the Rainbow" I heard? Well done first part. When you perform those extreme visual moves, be sure it is as uniform as can be. I questioned some of the feet, too, because the legs were not swinging perfectly. The woodwinds are doing the job...keep up the great work! The rainbow colored auxiliary performed the hell out of their show. Ha ha! Cool. Different sections of band members shout out a color, and this shouting becomes music, too. Afterwards, they all get together and dance, and man, forget about all of that earlier stuff about them not being uniform. They were matching, now. Yes! This was a tight show. It started off "iffy," I thought, but got better and better until that perfect end.
My Score: 68.30
My Placement: 35th

Newman Smith High School
Carrollton, TX
Repertoire: American Images..." including "Grand Canyon Fanfare" by Howard, "October" by Whitacre, "Cityscape" by Murphy and "Chorale and Shaker Dance" by Zdechlik
Comments: That is a thick looking tarp they have there, which had what looked like a picture of some mountains, with a pastel colored sky. The sound, aimed backfield, was just right. Great multi-blocks coming in to form an upside down "L" and then breaking out. Marvelous dominant brass licks, gang! The baritone soloist did the job on the tarp, which now seemed to be held down by wind players on their knees. Ah! I see their purpose, now. They fold out the tarp some more to reveal trees with golden leaves. The relaxed, soothing ending to their second movement was the way it needed to be done. The tarp is folded over once again to show a city line. Then the percussionists, with some going off on their own to solo and some working together in ensemble,
put on quite a show, but nothing compared to the show their wind counterparts put on when they place their horns down and do some complex body movement. Oh yes! The unzipping of the straight lines into boxes looked glorious. I liked this show.
My Score: 77.70
My Placement: 23rd

Harlingen High School
Harlingen, TX
Repertoire: "Reflections" based on the original music of Mark Higginbotham including "Territory," "Strength in Numbers," "Sacred River," and "Into the Unknown"
Comments: This band got in six vertical lines with horns on the ground. Each line had a head faced in a certain direction. The movement combined with the sci-fi sound rolled with whiplash speed. Oh my! These kids let it all out. The wind players domino down to a blob of other wind players that act as a sort of heart beat to a synthesized sound. They split the ear with their music, at times. These kids were very, very well trained. Even during not-so-great moments, they had an impression of unity. The slower movement of the show, if the balance were balanced on a scale, would be pefect. The solos were juicy, and the music...pure juice. They kept throwing things in unpredictably, which I liked and did not like at the same time. (But that got me hooked on their show.) Oh yeah. The band seems to get bigger and bigger and scarier and scarier as they approach the front field in arcs with ominous sound. What a gigantic impression they made. They seemed to shake the dome.
My Score: 84.50
My Placement: 11th

Bellevue West High School
Bellevue, NE
Repertoire: "Dividing Lines"
Comments: This band had an intriguing prop "constructed" for them, that seemed liked a temple of some sort with steps. On the steps of this prop were wind players bowing towards the center. During the beginning flute solo, a few of the members on the prop make a motion to make their mass seem to "open up" like a blooming flower. Then the rest of the winds "bloom." The quiet woodwind sound was perfect. I might add that the woodwind sound was restrained, but that was okay at this time. Things pick up slightly with the sound, but not the moves. So far, so good. But perhaps too much standing and playing. And unfortunately, none of the halts were accented with any sort of body movement. Nevertheless, their sound was fine. Their show was not easy to get into, but that is the way it is. The high rate of speed does not seem to be working for these kids. The higher rate of speed affects both the quality in regards to music and spacing in regards to movement. Part of the show is ended on a positive note, though. Fantastic weapons catch on that prop by three members of the auxiliary. Even though there is a lot of standing and playing, at least the auxiliary is in the spotlight. I like the two diamonds kneeling, with other members in assorted poses at the end.
My Score: 74.50
My Placement: 30th

The Woodlands High School
The Woodlands, TX
Repertoire: "Dance Suite" featuring the music of Bartok
Comments: Outlines of cubes constructed from pipe were accompanied by some of the wind players. Near the outer perimeters of the field were the wind players in diagonal formations. Where was that woodwind solo coming from? Wherever it was, it was "it"! Great work! The ripping trombones were just a taste of what this musical and visual ensemble was giving us. Alright, the jazz run was cool to watch, as lines clicked, though some lines did not click (as cool as it was!). These were intimidating musicians! They had the skills. They swallowed the field with a big circle, and then marred the circle (intentionally). The cube poses with the brass ensemble were awesome, as was the left to right domino effect of the cubes. I can go on and on about this show, but for now I am going to enjoy as much of it as I can. This band was outstanding, and certainly near the top.
My Score: 88.00
My Placement: 5th

Ruben S. Ayala High School
Chino Hills, CA
Repertoire: "An American Autumn" featuring original compositions by John Meehan, Ike Jackson, and Caleb Rothe including "Indian Summer" with variations on the theme from "October" by Eric Whitacre, "Falling Leaf" and "Cold Fog"
Comments: Ladders were used as for some of the flags, and tools for the soloists. Do not be too timid, winds. Excellent crouch maneuver. Let that beautious sound flow. Yes, that sound at the end of the introduction rang well. It was not the Alamodome's air conditioning that gave me chills, but rather the splendid sound from all. It was like an engine reving, and then finally the flutes...and later the drumming. Okay, winds, do not lose focus with the forms. Yikes! Trumpets, pay attention to tone quality, there. (They recover, though.) The woodwinds were showcased well, flinging out tons of notes as if it were nothing. What about the moves? I want to see more moves. Complex body movement was in style at the dome. The percussion show had some synthetic flash to it, which is always welcome. The intensity of the band was underwhelming. I do not know if it was because they followed The Woodlands (which is a tough, tough act to follow)? Or the dome environment they were in? Or nerves? All I know is that they did not act as if they ruled the field. Nevertheless, it was not a bad show. There were a lot of good things going on amidst some of the bad things. Also, Ayala appearing at this event *was* an event. They should be very proud of themselves.
My Score: 77.80
My Placement: 22nd

Hebron High School
Carrollton, TX
Repertoire: "The Other Side" featuring the music of Dmitri Shostakovich including "October, Op. 130" and "Introduction to Ballet Suite No. 4"
Comments: Oddly shaped doors with green spray paint on them were lined up on the field near the front between the side A 20 and 40 yard lines. A select few wind players in a double circle expand to make one whole circle. Other wind player initiate movement while on their backs on the field. The doors sneakily move behind the band at different moments. Great horn trills, marching french horn players. The woodwinds get "lost" in the movement by twirling around and then come in focus again. Three rings of the bell gets this band moving again, this time with a lyrical flute showcase. During the band's "big moment," the doors open, and the guard, dressed in odd attire, come through. It appears the guard has green spikes growing out of them all over. The percussion feature was probably not as memorable as it was meant to be. Then was the perfect time to let the synth shine, but they did not think so. Looking past that, I see the band is making progress with their deft show. Multiple vertical lines race towards one another until they converge. The end of the show is composed of members lying face down on the field and the doors drifting off to the back sideline.
My Score: 77.50
My Placement: 24th

Cedar Park High School
Cedar Park, TX
Repertoire: "Claustrophobia" an original work by Stephen Melillo including "The Walls are Closing In...," "Trapped...," and "Overcoming!!!"
Comments: A heart beat sound is emitted from the pit as the band waits to be announced. A mysterious, no, freaky female voice can be heard. The last phrase she cries is, "Why is this happening to me?" The woodwinds slyly come in, and all the while this voice is afraid of something or someone. This show has a steady build that sucks you into their show. Alrighty, those ever popular vertical lines need to be as straigt as a straight razor, folks. I like the criss-crossing lines that seem to connect okay, though. Oh. Magical, winds. Magical. The auxiliary seeming to break out of the black cloths in neat. Man, this sound seems to rise over any barriers. They were awe-inspiring to listen to. The mini brass ensemble was the perfect size to get done what needed to be done. Stellar show from start to finish. Their performance was difficult to analyze in comparison to the rest of the performances, but I knew they were "up" there. I like how the two big blocks of wind players transform into rhombuses that mirror each other. Killer ending.
My Score: 82.60
My Placement: 16th

Richland High School
North Richland Hills, TX
Repertoire: "The Promise of Living" featuring the music of Aaron Copland
Comments: The band on the field lies horizontally on their backs. Two auxiliary members, running towards each other from opposite corners of the field, seem to "wake up" those on the ground. The music entrance is subtle, and only gets loud when it needs to. That is the way to "save it." Richland is a model, in this sense. They do not spoil the surprise. The heart of a diamond of wind players starts its movement, and then triggers other movement. The beauty of the block metamorphasizing into a swirly curvy form is splendid. The rifle toss and catch came at the perfect time. Woodwinds in front, get those feet in synch. Oh yeah! The auxiliary made an extraordinary catch of the rifle with one arm under their leg. Just when you think the show is over, it goes on. And just when you think the show is over again, it goes on! Mmm. Great parallel ending, with a tight woodwind group truly ending it.
My Score: 84.00
My Placement: 14th

Lewisville High School
Lewisville, TX
Repertoire: "Harrison's Dream - The Undying Human Spirit" featuring the msuic of Peter Graham, David Mairs and JJ Pipitone
Comments: Mystical sound errupts, with a unique sounding mellophone and saxophone solo. Yes, I love that pass-through that occurs in the brass section. The wind players strike a pose facing the right inzone, and then fakes us out by putting the horns towards us and then putting them back. Rifle tosses are on target, somewhat. (At least one was caught less than perfect.) The arm movement from the musicians was effective, I thought. These kids moved with grace, and did you see that kid in the middle of the field on his hands and knees, ready to do some major dancing of some sort? The arcs of sound coming from the winds were of superior quality. The arms go up like horns at one point during the next movement, and then the horns go up, which is a neat effect. Many of the line rotations were not there. I am reminded by this when thinking of the saxes. Come on guys, at least make it look close. The end was elaborate, with jazz running to make some lines connect, and jazz running up and down the field, and at last a block that tied it all up.
My Score: 82.10
My Placement: 18th

Haltom High School
Haltom City, TX
Repertoire: "One" featuring "Impulse," "Imagination," and "Illuminate"
Comments: On the right side of the field is a condensed block of brass players and saxophones, with battery percussion behind them. On the left side of the field in circuit-like lines were the others. Ummm, there were quite a few vertical lines that were not straight. The muic sounds familiar. It was done last year by some group, no? Watch the blats, low brass. Cool ripple that goes down a line of winds and then activates a jump from an ensemble of winds. This group has flaws, yes, but as performers they are amazing. The mesh of brass players facing backfield was quite good. I like the take-turns jazz running, and then the hit. And after the hit a take-your-time step-out by certain wind players, and the final slam upwards. I kept wanting to like this show, but for some reason I did not. I think the dirty stuff kept them down. Nevertheles, they had a show that surged with energy.
My Score: 84.10
My Placement: 13th

L.D. Bell High School
Hurst, TX
Repertoire: "Convergence: Five Works" by Samuel Barber.
Comments: With navy blue cadet style tops, and gray pants, the L.D. Bell winds and percussion took the field in an immaculate block. The wind players get in a zig-zag form that has picture perfect spacing. This drill is so good that it is dizzying. The opening notes from the band hit the mark dead on. My head went spinning as forms went spinning. That amplified flute solo that built to the max was probably the first time I have ever heard sole woodwind "tear down the house." The fact that the whole band gives it to us in the face after the flute is even more pleasure inducing. Those cymbal chicks are out-of-this-world, man. And there is that traditional jazz running spiral the band does that never ceases to amaze me. (They did it last year.) This show does not run out of steam whatsoever. If anything, there is too much steam for the audience to handle. I am glad the band slows things down just a little for the ballad, which is truly remarkable. The odd sounding synth makes your blood curdle. Soon we are back to lightning fast drill that takes you with them. This band is not one of the best in the nation for nothing. In regards of musical and visual excellence, they push the limits until there is no limit. Fabulous, fabulous show.
My Score: 89.00
My Placement: 2nd

Raymond and Tirza Martin High School
Laredo, TX
Repertoire: "Overture" from "Ruslan and Ludmilla" by Mikhail Ivanovich Glinka, "Nessun Dorma" from "Turandot" by Giacomo Puccini and "Coronation Scene" from "Boris Gudunov" by Modest Mussorgsky
Comments: Okay trumpets, line up the notes. No, the notes were not matching, and neither were these vertical lines that were marched during the criss-cross. Not a bad first number. The baritone solo was tremendous. Now, as for the rest of the band, there some nice things happening in the melodic lines. The trumpets were prevalent at certain times, and blended well with the band when they needed to. One saxophonist seemed to move at a halt, which is a no-no. This group was struggling quite a bit, but sometimes they shined like a star. Geez. Their show seemed short. You know, coming on a frightening task for any band to encounter. L.D. Bell made them look ugly...really ugly. But look at it this way. This band was here, and that was an accomplishment in itself.
My Score: 58.00
My Placement: 54th

Robinson High School
Robinson, TX
Repertoire: Theme from "Shaft," "Misty," "Mambo" from "West Side Story," and "This Masquerade"
Comments: The musicians wore blue with a white stripe down the side of their pants, and they did not have plumes in their shakos. This band had a military style to it. (I could tell by the way they said, "Sir!") There was lots of symmetrical stuff going on, which I guess is typical of a military style band. This band sounded and looked great, but I think they were competing at the wrong show. Certainly they would get the credit they deserve in another band circuit. Symmetrical drill is not easy, of course, but there is not a whole lot more you can do besides aiming to hit your spot and hoping the "opposite" on the other side of the field hits his or her spot. Now I see the drill is changing a bit. I like how a wedge of trumpets comes to complete itself with the trombone section. The music was larger than life. This band aimed to be crowd pleasers, I think, rather than judge pleasers, and there is nothing wrong with that.
My Score: 64.90
My Placement: 47th

Marcus High School
Flower Mound, TX
Repertoire: "Spatial Awareness" an interpretive synopsis of works by David Gillingham and Fisher Tull
Comments: Boxes of different sizes were on the field (smallest in front, bigger in the left inzone, and biggest in the back). The wind players, on the ground face first, seemed to come in motion like spiders. The auxiliary wore freaky looking masks and gold costumes, and waved around orange stringy things. (How else can I describe those things?) The forms shifted with ease, and there were relatively few territories flawed. The boxes, in the second movement, are lined up like stairwell steps. Now the guard has no masks, and perform their flag work with flowing beauty. Then in no time, the masked guard pops up out of the larger boxes. It was kind of a magical moment in this performance. (If you are not watching you can miss it.) I love the "I can do anything you can do better" exchange between the snare drummer and quads drummer. This was quite a squeaky clean show that, if anything, could do some damage. But, unfortunately, it will probably be forgotten. The complex concept may be too much for some. I enjoyed their show, though, as it was new and unique and clean.
My Score: 76.30
My Placement: 26th

Holliday High School
Holliday, TX
Repertoire: "The Inferno" and "Salvation is Created"
Comments: In crouched positions towards the backfield was the band, except for saxophone soloist. In no time the band is commanded to stand, while mysterious sounds are heard. "The Inferno" is played at the tempo I think it should be playerd at. The double-tonguing is acceptable. Solid execution, rifles! This little band makes the most of this challenging composition. Marching was alright. I did notice one or two spaces in the arc during the slower movement that were a little wider than others. The trumpet solo was handled with effort that was perhaps too much. Watch those forced notes, trumpet section. This was an all-around great show. Yes, there were some issues with how notes were played near the end of the show, and one marcher who seemed to land on the foot wrong. Despite these issues, though, this band seemed to make its way through the show with pride. Their determination won in the end.
My Score: 66.80
My Placement: 43rd


EXHIBITION - University of Texas at Arlington
Arlington, TX
Repertoire: "Colors" which includes (Orange) "Ride" by Samuel Hazo, (Gold) "Moondance" by Van Morrison, (Blue) "Birth" and (Lime Green) "Urban" from Cirque du Soleil and (Red) "Ride" recap
Comments: As with any college band, there is that nearly ear-shattering sound. The trombonist is gifted with his super solo technique, and I was impressed with how he did not flinch, even with the color guard girl all over him. No! Do not come closer, band! I am already deaf! Holy moly! Can you say, "Loud"? The second movement had color guard moving rain makers. The shoulder to shoulder mesh was right on. Those toes were sky high during that awesome company front. Geez, if we were outside, we could probably hear this band from miles away. The third movement had some hot moments from the auxiliary. I was digging the drum feature. This show was a special treat, with a lot of moves you have seen the other top marching bands did today, with lots and lots of volume. Fan-tas-tic show!

Mid-Show Thoughts: The preliminary performances at the Bands of America Super Regional Championships were amazing. I have never seen so much talent in one place over a two-day period. Like last year, there were numerous innovative, quality, competitive performances. If the RCA Dome is the hot spot for the best high school marching bands in the nation, the Alamodome would surely be close behind. I had a difficult time deciding which bands would be in finals. I think there were 25 or 26 bands that had a real chance of getting in. To the bands that did not make finals, I say, "So what?" Just being at the Bands of America Super Regional Championships was something. The bands, the staff, the fans...we were all a part of the great history Bands of America has given us for years and years. My hope is that next year is better than the next, and thus far this trend has stayed the course.

My Division Ratings (with Actual Division Ratings in Parenthesis)
Aransas Pass H.S., TX - III (III)
Oak Ridge H.S., TX - II (II)
Floresville H.S., TX - II (II)
Harlingen South H.S., TX - II (II)
Taft H.S., TX - II (III)
John B. Alexander H.S., TX - II (II)
La Joya H.S., TX - II (II)
Crystal City H.S., TX - III (II)
Hidalgo H.S., TX - III (III)
McAllen Memorial H.S., TX - II (II)
Seguin H.S., TX - I (I)
Brazoswood H.S., TX - I (I)
Alamo Heights H.S., TX - II (II)
Nikki Rowe H.S., TX - II (II)
Samuel Clemens H.S., TX - II (II)
East Central H.S., TX - II (II)
George Bush H.S., TX - II (II)
Johnny C. Economedes HS., TX - II (II)
James Bowie H.S., TX - I (I)
Judson H.S., TX - I (I)
Winston Churchill H.S., TX - I (I)
Spring H.S., TX - I (I)
Blue Valley West H.S., KS - II (II)
William Howard Taft H.S., TX - I (I)
Stephen F. Austin H.S., TX - I (I)
Mayfield H.S., NM - I (I)
Ronald Reagan H.S., TX - I (I)
Calallen H.S., TX - II (II)
United H.S., TX - II (II)
Rio Grande H.S., TX - II (II)
Cypress Falls H.S., TX - I (I)
Keller H.S., TX - I (I)
Westfield H.S., TX - I (I)
Fossil Ridge H.S., TX - I (I)
Mabank H.S., TX - II (II)
The Colony H.S., TX - I (II)
Whitesboro H.S., TX - III (II)
Victoria Memorial H.S., TX - I (II)
Donna H.S., TX - II (II)
Westlake H.S., TX - I (I)
Edinburg North H.S., TX - II (I)
Newman Smith H.S., TX - I (I)
Harlingen H.S., TX - I (I)
Bellevue West H.S., NE - II (I)
The Woodlands H.S., TX - I (I)
Ruben S. Ayala H.S., CA - I (I)
Hebron H.S., TX - I (I)
Cedar Park H.S., TX - I (I)
Richland H.S., TX - I (I)
Lewisville H.S., TX - I (I)
Haltom H.S., TX - I (I)
L.D. Bell H.S., TX - I (I)
Raymond and Tirza Martin H.S., TX - III (II)
Robinson H.S., TX - II (II)
Marcus H.S., TX - I (I)
Holliday H.S., TX - II (II)

My Overall Scores
1. 90.70 Ronald Reagan H.S., TX
2. 89.00 L.D. Bell H.S., TX
3. 88.70 Stephen F. Austin H.S., TX
4. 88.30 Westfield H.S., TX
5. 88.00 The Woodlands H.S., TX
6. 87.40 Spring H.S., TX
7. 86.90 Winston Churchill H.S., TX
8. 86.00 Fossil Ridge H.S., TX
9. 85.00 Westlake H.S., TX
10. 84.70 Brazoswood H.S., TX
11. 84.50 Harlingen H.S., TX
12. 84.40 Cypress Falls H.S., TX
13. 84.10 Haltom H.S., TX
14. 84.00 Richland H.S., TX
15. 83.00 Mayfield H.S., NM
16. 82.60 Cedar Park H.S., TX
17. 82.40 Loveland H.S., CO
18. 82.10 Lewisville H.S., TX
19. 82.00 James Bowie H.S., TX
20. 81.80 Keller H.S., TX
21. 78.00 Seguin H.S., TX
22. 77.80 Ruben S. Ayala H.S., CA
23. 77.70 Newman Smith H.S., TX
24. 77.50 Hebron H.S., TX
25. 77.00 The Colony H.S., TX
26. 76.30 Marcus H.S., TX
27. 76.00 William Howard Taft H.S., TX
28. 75.70 Victoria Memorial H.S., TX
29. 75.30 Judson H.S., TX
30. 74.50 Bellevue West H.S., NE
31. 72.90 John B. Alexander H.S., TX
32. 70.30 Alamo Heights H.S., TX
33. 69.10 Calallen H.S., TX
34. 68.50 Harlingen South H.S., TX
35. 68.30 Edinburg North H.S., TX
36. 68.20 United H.S., TX
37. 68.00 Johnny G. Economedes H.S., TX
38. 67.50 Donna H.S., TX
39. 67.10 Blue Valley West H.S., TX
40. 67.00 Nikki Rowe H.S., TX
41. 66.90 East Central H.S., TX
42. 66.90 Mabank H.S., TX
43. 66.80 Holliday H.S., TX
44. 66.70 George Bush H.S., TX
45. 66.60 La Joya H.S., TX
46. 65.00 McAllen Memorial H.S., TX
47. 64.90 Robinson H.S., TX
48. 64.80 Samuel Clemens H.S., TX
49. 63.50 Rio Grande H.S., TX
50. 63.10 Oak Ridge H.S., TX
51. 62.90 Floresville H.S., TX
52. 60.00 Taft H.S., TX
53. 59.50 Hidalgo H.S., TX
54. 59.00 Raymond and Tirza Martin H.S., TX
55. 58.00 Whitesboro H.S., TX
56. 56.80 Aransas Pass H.S., TX
57. 54.90 Crystal City H.S., TX

Actual Overall Scores
(Not Available Yet)

Class Championships Awards

Class A
3rd Robinson H.S., TX
2nd Holliday H.S., TX
1st Mabank H.S., TX

Class A Highest Achievement
Outstanding Music Performance - Mabank H.S., TX
Outstanding Visual Performance - Mabank H.S., TX
Outstanding General Effect - Mabank H.S., TX

Class AA
3rd Blue Valley West H.S., KS
2nd Bellevue West H.S., NE
1st Loveland H.S., CO

Class AA Highest Achievement
Outstanding Music Performance - Loveland H.S., CO
Outstanding Visual Performance - Loveland H.S., CO
Outstanding General Effect - Loveland H.S., CO

Class AAA
3rd Ronald Reagan H.S., TX
2nd Westfield H.S., TX
1st L.D. Bell H.S., TX

Class AAA Highest Achievement
Outstanding Music Performance - L.D. Bell H.S., TX
Outstanding Visual Performance - Westfield H.S., TX
Outstanding General Effect - Stephen F. Austin H.S., TX

My Finalists (In Random Order)
Westfield H.S., TX
Westlake H.S., TX
Winston Churchill H.S., TX
Harlingen H.S., TX
Ronald Reagan H.S., TX
Haltom H.S., TX
Richland H.S., TX
L.D. Bell H.S., TX
Stephen F. Austin H.S., TX
Cypress Falls H.S., TX
Brazoswood H.S., TX
Fossil Ridge H.S., TX
Spring H.S., TX
The Woodlands H.S., TX

Actual Finalists (In Random Order)
James Bowie H.S., TX
Stephen F. Austin H.S., TX
L.D. Bell H.S., TX
Westlake H.S., TX
Cypress Falls H.S., TX
Spring H.S., TX
Ronald Reagan H.S., TX
Haltom H.S., TX
Brazoswood H.S., TX
Westfield H.S., TX
Richland H.S., TX
Winston Churchill H.S., TX
Cedar Park H.S., TX
The Woodlands H.S., TX

Mid-Show Thoughts (Continued): Wow! 28 Division I ratings! 26 Division II ratings! And 3 Division III ratings! As far as ratings are concerned, some people were shocked that The Colony (TX) did not receive a Division I rating. I was perplexed by this, as well. However, the more I thought about this issue I could see that the one area The Colony seemed to be struggling in was the area of General Effect (both music and visual). Also, another Division rating I thought should have been a "I" but ended up a "II" was Victoria Memorial (TX). Perhaps Victoria Memorial just missed the Division I rating. There was one band I thought that should not have received a Division II rating, and that was Crystal City (TX). I think that they, for the most part, had a simplistic, substandard performance. That judges must have seen something I did not. Does anyone have some ideas on this? As far as finals are concerned, I was surprised to know Harlingen (TX) did not make finals, but I was more surprised to know Fossil Ridge (TX) did not make finals. Fossil Ridge had a show that seemed to be ahead of its time, and was executed quite well. A pleasant surprise at the Super Regional that I think no one saw coming was Mayfield (NM). I will admit that after seeing Mayfield's show last year I thought they would have little or no chance of making finals in San Antonio this year. Boy was I wrong! Mayfield had an outstanding show. I think they had one of the best visual shows in prelims. The other out-of-state bands had fine shows as well. (I heard many comments by the locals before finals about how great these out-of-state bands were.) Congratulations to all the bands that participated. I had a lot of fun, and I hope you did, too.

***End of Part 2***

Alan R. Irons
Fountain Valley High School Marching Band 1993-1996
Pacfic Crest of Diamond Bar 1997
Nashua Spartans 1998-1999
UCSB Class of 2002

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