Hostrauser's DCI Rankings - Week 2 (6/27 - 7/3)

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Hostrauser's DCI Rankings - Week 2 (6/27 - 7/3)

Post by Hostrauser » Mon Jul 04, 2011 9:04 am

For those who need a refresher course on how I compile these, I track each corps' performances for the entire week, even estimating what they would have scored at a show even though they had the day off (basing this off the scores of other corps that they have been in direct competition with). As this ranking is based off the entire week, rankings are usually BELOW the corps' most recent or highest score. This is not an attempt to predict the future, just a snapshot of how the corps has performed over the entire week. Weekend shows (Fri/Sat/Sun) are usually better attended are thus given more weight in the ranking. Rankings run Monday through Sunday each week, with the newest rankings to be posted each Monday.

80.85 The Cavaliers
80.25 The Cadets
79.85 Carolina Crown
79.45 Blue Devils
77.70 Phantom Regiment
77.15 Santa Clara Vanguard
77.00 Bluecoats
76.90 Madison Scouts
74.80 Blue Stars
74.30 Blue Knights
74.20 Boston Crusaders
72.45 Spirit of Atlanta
71.55 Glassmen
71.15 Troopers
71.10 The Academy
69.85 Colts
69.65 Crossmen
67.10 Pacific Crest
64.70 Mandarins
64.65 Cascades
63.95 Teal Sound
61.30 Jersey Surf
59.85 Pioneer

OPEN CLASS (so far)
73.45 Blue Devils B
71.40 Vanguard Cadets
70.45 Oregon Crusaders
67.05 Revolution
65.90 Spartans
65.15 Gold
63.15 Legends
62.45 Impulse
61.95 7th Regiment
59.60 Raiders
57.80 Spokane Thunder
57.35 Colt Cadets
57.05 Velvet Knights
50.95 Blue Devils C
45.40 City Sound
41.00 Racine Scouts

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