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exelon baton

Post by jfk-dm » Tue Aug 11, 2009 12:27 pm

Hey everybody
James Dinwiddie here

As you all may know i am a mace spinner and always have been, but i did spin military in a few L-Pattern comps my sophomore year. When i did compete i used Peacock's American baton, which is what i would say about 90% of military spinners use, but i have seen some exelon batons.

I had some questions on them for all you that might have or spin one, i have come to the possibility that i could possibly acquire one and i was was just wondering what everyone thought about them as far as spinning, balance, durability, and appearance.

This would be purely something to just have and spin for fun not for competitions, but i was still interested in how it is and if this was something to pursue and aquire.

So please let me know what you guys think about them!
James Dinwiddie
Kennedy drum major 08-10
James Dinwddie
Shamrock Regiment
Drum Major 08-10

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Re: exelon baton

Post by Druu » Mon Sep 21, 2009 8:50 am

Hi, James.

Wow, I haven't heard the name Exelon in a long time. I thought they had gone out of business some years ago.

I was drum major for Artesia High back in the 80's and was a baton spinner. I originally used a Peacock fiberglass baton, but when it broke I decided to try an Exelon. A couple of very talented show drum majors from Silicon Valley had been coming down here for competitions, and they both used Excelons. They were very flexible, and different than the Peacock batons that everyone else used.

Anyway, I loved the thing. It was fun to spin, the shaft was pretty close to indestructible and it was the only baton back then that had a screw-on head so you could easily switch from a practice head to a pristine one for competition. If you can find one, I'd recommend giving it a spin.


Artesia High DM '82-'84 (Late Cretaceous Period)

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Re: exelon baton

Post by DMPwer » Mon Sep 21, 2009 8:53 pm

Hi James

I'm Umayr Sufi, Asst Drum Major over here at Granada High School in Livermore, CA.

Our Drum Majors mostly use Excel on Batons instead of the Peacock ones. I have to say I love the Excel on batons. As far as spinning I really think it's an excellent spinning baton. It's pretty showy (flashy) baton and really (I think) shows your ability to the judges/crowd more then metal ones. I would also say as far as durability that it's pretty good. A piece of the tip broke off of mine this winter (it was freezing cold and it hit the solid ground, so I guess thats a factor). It stays straight all the time even though it's more flexible than the metal ones. As I said before, it's a great appearance tool.

Another thing I would add on. I tried (once or twice) the metal batons, and I really think that you can do many more moves with the excelon baton. It's more flexible and easy to handle. The metal ones are pretty rouch and straight forward.

I took this baton to the NCBA Drum Major Championships (for my division) and won it. So I would consider this brand of batons an EXCELLENT tool for major competitions.

I know the excelon's are pretty scarce and I dont know of any other company other than my Band directors in-laws who make them in Cali. If you're interested just email me - umayrsufi@granadamsa.com and i'll let you know of the details.

Umayr Sufi

Asst. Drum Major - GHS
Umayr Sufi
Granada H.S Asst. Drum Major 2008-2010
Drum Major Instructor

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Re: exelon baton

Post by bruno » Wed Jan 12, 2011 5:00 am

exelon baton? I would love to see the picture of that baton.

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