A Few Updates (No Pics, Sorry!)

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A Few Updates (No Pics, Sorry!)

Post by mkosbie » Sun Mar 29, 2009 5:32 am

Hey all, greetings from the other side of the world. Don't have a lot of time to be online right now, but thought I'd stick my head in. Glad to see everything is still running.

The biggest change out here is that I've started going by my Hebrew name, Yaakov Yisrael. Actually, if it's not too complicated Bandmaster, could you change my username to ykosbie instead of mkosbie? For anyone who's curious, my name is after a famous Rabbi.

A couple of other quick updates:
- During the Gaza war, the air raid sirens went off twice in Jerusalem. Probably one of the scarier things that's happened to me in my life. Thank G-d, both were false alarms.
- I live about 100 yards from Knesset (Israeli "Capitol Hill") which is next to Gan Sacher (Israeli "Central Park").
- Shopping in the shuk (our open air marketplace) is amazingly fun. Where else can you buy a kilo of freshly baked (KOSHER) rugelach for about $6?
- I suspect Israelis learned how to drive from Italians.
- Hebrew is a remarkably easy language to learn.
- Living without plastic is much better than living with it. For the uninitiated, that means Israel almost never uses credit/debit cards. It's all CASH CASH CASH.
- There are a total of twelve guys living in my apartment. We eat together in the yeshiva dining hall. As one guy aptly put it, it's a bit like summer camp.

That's all for now, hope you all enjoy the stateside!
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