My Practice Baton

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My Practice Baton

Post by dmguroo2 » Thu Sep 25, 2008 12:06 pm

Hello Everyone It's Parade season, and like all of you ,your'e practicing
very hard!. But are you afraid to scratch or dent that new baton?Or are you a new Drum Major just learning the ropes and Don't want to spend a lot of money on a new baton untill you know your commited.?

Well then I have something new for you and i's ready to go.


Email :

I can provide you a custom made baton to your specification,
any size, color, to match your school. The practice batons are
flexible, light weight. and are almost unbreakable.

You can toss it, drop it, kick it, run over it with the car, and drop it
off the roof, and it will not break or dent.

Why you ask? the head is made of a Aerodynamic shaped rubber material that keeps it shape. All you would ever need to do is wipe it
off with a little windex, and it sparkles like new.

No more worries about dropping that baton and worrying about how
it looks.

Since its for practicing, the cost is low, however the quality and looks
are good enough to use in parades or competitions.

we can make up standard, or thicker (Signal) style cuatom made just
for you.

Each one is unique and made just for you, so there are never two

If you are interested in one of these before parade season.

Please Email your inquiries to:


website with pictures and details coming soon.

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Re: My Practice Baton

Post by ZJH » Thu Sep 25, 2008 3:53 pm

Of course, with all of this comes the obligatory question:

How close is it in weight and feel of a competition military baton, say, from Peacock?
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Re: My Practice Baton

Post by dmguroo2 » Thu Sep 25, 2008 4:39 pm

Of course the look ad feel will be the same, however keep in mind
that each one will be detailed to your needs.

Some will be lighter if you are younger and have smaller hands , such as in middle school.

If you are older and taller, it will be heavier, if you prefer differnent
size and length that will also come into play.

Keep in mind i have used many different kinds over the past 30 years , and have had this idea since i was in high school.

Its design and look is great. the best part is the customization.

The beta testers all were amazed. If you wish to be one. send an email with your name, school, and reason why you feel you should be a beta tester, ill send a free one to the first 5 responses.

Anyone who is an instructor with lots of students will benefit cause you can have a drum major kit with 6 batons and go teach clinics and
provide the equipment to the students who may need one.
and not have access.


Also this is not to replace the current Peacock type military baton that is the standard. its made to allow you to practice more efficiently
and not worry about wrecking your precious competion baton.

I hope this will allow students who may normally not be able purchase
a chrome baton the opportunity to get started untill they are serious.

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Re: My Practice Baton

Post by dmkid:) » Sat Sep 27, 2008 10:01 am

Do you make practice maces too? :D

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