Jobs and responsibilities

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Jobs and responsibilities

Post by Tobias087 » Sun May 11, 2008 1:08 am

So, out of curiosity, in your ensembles, what does the student leadership do/what are they responsible for? I realize some groups rely more on their student leadership than others, and would like to get a feel for what the general trend it out there. Thanks.
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Post by sakurai » Sat Jun 07, 2008 10:17 pm

In the 77th Cavalry, we have four levels of leadership. Without our leadership, our group would not have been the Fiesta Bowl Grand Master Champion.

Field Assistants
These individuals help others with their music and marching technique as well as carry out the will of the Section Leaders, though they are not normally in charge of discipline. Field Assistants also set drill for others in their dot books.

Section Leaders
The Section Leaders are in charge of the section as a unit. Section Leaders make sure music and marching technique is learned, they call sectionals, they handle low-level discipline, and issue section-wide commands. These individuals are often available for student mentoring as well. In the unlikely event of a Section Leader dispute, there are Head Section Leaders that act as tiebreakers.

Captains are like Section Leaders for a group of sections. A Woodwind Captain would be in charge of all woodwind instruments, a Brass Captain would be in charge of brass, etc. These individuals also conduct warm-ups for their section groups.

Drum Majors
Drum Majors assume the widely known role of "conductor of the band". These individuals are in charge of all leadership members and of higher-level discipline. All band-wide commands are issued through the Drum Majors.
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