Need guard and dance videos or dvds for new guard members.

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Need guard and dance videos or dvds for new guard members.

Post by guardcoach » Tue Feb 07, 2006 12:55 pm

I have all new members this year and am looking for helpful guard and dance videos and/or dvds. Used if fine. Thank you. Kelly :D

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Post by JenKozy » Tue Feb 07, 2006 4:50 pm

I know it can get expensive, but usually has some good deals on educational vids and some of the fans 15 favs. are not all that pricey, if you are looking for guard shows.
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Post by mariahorn » Mon Feb 27, 2006 6:02 pm

I want to comment on the WGI videos before someone else forks out the money for them.

This is my first year teaching, and the area I moved from (Humboldt County) didn't have guard (or anything close to it). As soon as I got here I spend quite a bit of money on DVDs from WGI: The Fundamentals Series (Flag, Rifle, Sabre, and Dance, all separate DVDs), the Instructor's Guide to Movement Fundamentals, and one other I can't remember. In my opinion, not a single one of them was worth the money. They each cost approx. $29.95. If I remember right two of them were LESS than 30 minutes long. All were made a long time ago (by the clothing I would guess the mid 1980s or 90s). Too much talking and not enough demonstration on any of them.

The videos I got from WGI that I DID like and still use are the 2000 world championships, 2003 world championship (guard and percussion, 2 separate DVDs), and the fans 15 favorites (guard).

I was hoping these videos would help teach me the basics so I could teach them to my guard, but they even barely did that! So much talking was done, that by the time they finally demonstrated what they were doing they would only do it once or twice, and never in slow motion.

If anyone knows of a series of videos that are actually worth paying for and actually show you the basics (rather than talk about them forever), please let me know. I finally got some high school girls to help me out, but I would like to learn everything I can in the meanwhile and especially over the summer.

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