I'm new but not new...

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I'm new but not new...

Post by acdcgraphics » Tue Jan 24, 2006 9:01 pm

I am 34, a woman and sax player, former High School drum major who has been helping to form a community marching band in my city. We are entering our second year, and really want to "dress up" our band. Does anyone know of how to get those sousaphone bell covers that have logos imprinted on them? We also would like decals for our bass drum's heads. Any ideas? I am a graphic designer, so I have designed our band's insignia but I'm not sure what companies do these sort of things. All I know is that the Tournament of Roses band always has the rose logo on their sousaphones' bells and on their drum heads.

Thanks for reading!
I've just started a site for the band, come by and visit sometime! http://www.chcmb.com


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