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Post by Personal » Mon Mar 31, 2003 9:37 am

You see, I am anti-war, BUT protesting like the people on TV are doing, is way out of control. These people are, those in Iraq, are there to help protect us. If you do not agree with the war, that is fantastic, I know I don't, however, I mean c'mon people. Do they think that destroying things here in America is making it easier on Bush, or making him want to end the war. I saw a sign that annoyed me the other day, it read "Drop Bush, not the Bomb." THat was the stupidest protest sign I had seen. Congress, at least to my knowledge, supports Bush, so why would they drop, esentially impeach, him. C'mon people, put a little more thought into these things. I mean if you are going to protest, put some thought into it and do it right.
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Post by Indiana » Mon Mar 31, 2003 10:11 pm

Hmmmm...instead of thinking why we should go to war....let's take a moment to think like the protesters...There's Better Ways to Deal With Saddam. War is Not the Answer...

So....what's the answer then?

I think that's what bugs me the post about the protesting. There's been so much talk about how war is "wrong," but there has been no mention of an alternative solution.
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