People that post and a quick thanks.

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People that post and a quick thanks.

Post by NavyHubby01 » Mon Feb 17, 2003 9:21 am

To whom it may concern,
I know most of the people that post here are from No Cal , So Cal, and the west. Where else do you have people posting from? Oh and by the way, thanks to the Webmaster and staff. Without this site I wouldn't know what the heck is happening in the west. Being married to a Navy gal means I go where the Navy sends us. So I get a little home sick. I hop on this site and everything is good. A small taste of home! Thanks again to everyone that helps keep this page running! 8-)
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Post by Spin Doctor » Mon Feb 17, 2003 4:57 pm

I am a Southern Californian here but only for 6 more months. Soon I'll be Moving to The Great Lakes area. Michigan, Illinois, Indiana or Ohio? What would that make me? A Michinite? An Illinoian? An Indian? An Ohian? Oh well. I do enjoy this site but I guess it will mean alot more once I'm away from here.

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Post by Matadork05 » Mon Feb 17, 2003 6:05 pm

Im in Northern California (Bay Area)...used to live across the bay until 5 years ago.
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