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Any Emo fans?
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Author:  Hoshwa [ Wed Dec 24, 2003 11:34 pm ]
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EMOtional music actually started with like early punk. like the ramones and the clash. the lyrics of their songs started to have alot more emotion in them. some say that bands like tiger army are the REAL emo bands... i guess traditionally the emo bands had a harder sound with alot of emotion. and now it's kids that wear their tight sweaters and black rimmed glasses whining about the girl that broke up with him in the 4th grade. you can tell an emo kid cause his hair is all smooshed in the front and all flippy in the back, and he's always carrying around a journel to keep his thoughts in. also, he usually plays in a band called Autumn In Jersey or The Juila Diaries.

how many emo kids does it take to change a light bulb?

none, they just sit in the dark and cry.

Author:  TMR Quint Kid [ Wed Dec 24, 2003 11:40 pm ]
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Emo rocks, but then again I love all music, so there isnt really anything I dont like...

Author:  TMRsaxyDM [ Wed Dec 24, 2003 11:48 pm ]
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dashboard confessoinal WAS emo..

the only good emo bands i know of are

Sunny Day Real Estate (best emo band ive heard)
Jealous Sound
The Get Up Kids

haha Hoshwa.. that joke made me laugh SSSSSSOOOOOO hard when i first heard it.. its still a good joke..

and that other quote "Cheer up emo kid!"

yea i added my own little flare to that one awhile ago.. you wanna hear? im sure Hoshwa will like this one.. (and if someone has already heard this.. than im sorry... ive never heard it before.. so im oging to say i made it up)

Cheer up emo kid.. LISTEN TO SKA! = )

Author:  TMRsaxyDM [ Thu Dec 25, 2003 7:42 am ]
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ok if your going to put all the "wanna be" emo bands in a "pop" emo category.. than im going to have to say that saves the day is also in the pop emo category.. they are too pop punky to be emo.. i dont see them as emo..

oh yea i forgot one really realy awsome emo band

ben folds (or folts ive heard it both ways) five

they are awsome.. any true emo kid will love them..

Author:  weezer [ Thu Dec 25, 2003 12:41 pm ]
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how about watashi wa? has anyone else heard of them? they're a great emo band.

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