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Joyce M David
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Health and Fitness

Post by Joyce M David » Wed Jul 28, 2010 5:33 pm

So I basically am a health and fitness coach now. I went on this nutrition program and I was able to lose 8.5lbs in my first month.

My aunt also went on the same nutrition program too and lost 13lbs in the first 3 weeks.

We didn't even have to go on crazy counting calories/extreme workouts. My exercise consisted only of 3 times a week for 45 mins.

It's not a diet where you basically give up all foods. It's about nutrition. So at the end of the day I didn't have to give up my favorite foods but learned how to balance it.

If you wanna know more, PM me and I can fill you in.
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Re: Health and Fitness

Post by ZJH » Wed Jul 28, 2010 8:49 pm

Is this the same one Josh Riturban is doing?
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