Beware of Facebook scams (check your accounts)

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Beware of Facebook scams (check your accounts)

Post by Wildabeast » Sat Jan 16, 2010 12:55 pm

Hi folks,

I wanted to send out a warning to those who are Facebook users.

A friend of mine had their account hacked into recently. I thought I was chatting with them in FB in a normal way....until they let me know why they were contacting me. They "needed" some money after claiming to be mugged while in the UK, and they had hotel/cab fees that needed to be paid off before they can come back home.
After making a couple phone calls, I determined the person I was chatting with may have been a hacker as I was able to contact the person (whose name they were using) on the phone at the same time.

My friend and her husband had not gone to the UK. They were at home in Utah.

Keep your eyes and senses open.
-Stop global whining.

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