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Author:  agentsquishypenguin [ Sun Nov 29, 2009 8:41 pm ]
Post subject:  Depressed

I have no where else to vent, so i had to do it here. I can't do it on faccebook cause everyone will panic and worry. and i can't go on deviantart cause my brother will comment too much. i'd rather have complete strangers read this then my friends. I have lost a friend this week, and it sucks. not dying lost a friend, we just aren't friends anymore. we "drifted apart" is what i said happen, but i could just be in denial. i thought everything was fine, but it apparently wasn't. She decided to tell a huge group of people on facebook that our friendship was over, and that she thinks that i don't care. But i do, and i have feelings and that note really hurt. she also sent a message to one of my friends saying all this stuff about how she doesn't care anymore because i didn't care. But i do care, and i almost started crying because of this. It hurt, I hurt, and i don't think she cares. she could probably read this, but i dont care. I feel like a shut in, like i have to hide. everyone now knows, even people that i dont know. I just needed to vent. I dont know what to do, but this was good. you dont have to say anything, i just needed to type it out.

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