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Post by RBVT--BONE » Fri May 16, 2008 9:24 pm

:lock: :cheers: here goes:

Me: What are you watching?
Them: Drum Major.
Me: Or?
Them: You'll beat us.
Me: Your feet are...
Them: In-step
Me: Toes?
Them: Up.
Me: Or?
Them: You'll beat us.
Me: Right. Now go out there and have fun. And remember: Don't be nervous!

"If you're ----, you're wrong!"

Band... the one place middle fingers are not only accepted, but encouraged.

Bass drums! You sound like a grizzly bear in a room full of kittens!

Get your bell up! The ants don't give two poots about how you sound!

You outswam 100,000 sperm and you can't get to your spot faster than that?!!
Take care of the music, and the music will take care of you

Set does not involve...(breathing, talking, other verbs.)

Trumpets that is a very nice clarinet sound.

Trombones, don't be pecky. I don't want a bunch of peckers

Play pretty, not spitty!!

Amateurs practice till they get it right. Professionals practice till they can't get it wrong.

your in my army now! i am ur mama and ur daddy! i am your sister and ur brother! i am your girlfriend AND your boyfriend!

Possible marching clinic I want to hold this summer:

Machulak's Marching Clinic
Do you suck at marching? Forgot how to set drill? Think you need a little refresher to get a good jump start for next year, or.. just don't give a damn?

Then I have something for YOU!!!

I am offering a FREE marching clinic on the following dates: June 25th, July 9th, 23rd, and 31st. It is open winds of the RBV band only.

The following subjects will be covered:

Basic Marching Technique: Forward, Backward, Jazz running, smooth transitions for all directions and their application to marching exercises /drill movements. Also covered will be playing while marching.

Examples: the circle, the pinwheel, the arc-to-straight line, the straight-to-diagonal line, the rotating block, etc.

PLEASE register by manually signing up, or contacting Me at (760) 555-8538 The latest registration date is June 7th so the drill can be finished, and numbers assigned.

Participants are to report in normal rehearsal gear with their instruments and uniform shoes. Drill for exercises will be given on site.

Note, these days will be intense and fast paced. Come focused and ready to work.

You might ask:

"Why should I sign up?"

Because you want to get better, and want our band to win sweepstakes for the first time in 5 years, or at least second place for the first time in 2 years.

"Isn't this just an early Band camp? Whats the point?"

Its an opportunity to practice you're marching without the pressure of marching season. If you somehow managed to learn something wrong, you don't want it discovered halfway through marching season then trying to fix it because it will just throw you off.

Peom I found elswhere on the internet:

"After months of preparation,
Sore from practice,
Full of anticipation,
Through the crowds,
Across the parking lot,
With trembling bodies,
In front of the stands,
Pumped with adrenaline, We March. Filled with fear,
Around the track, Behind the lines, Onto the field
We march.
To our opening positions,
Carried by practiced feet,
Bursting with confidence,
We march on forward.
Directed by the signal
From the drum major,
The first note is played,
And the show begins."
05-06: RAIN-Guinestera
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06-07: Appalachian Springs (Aaron Copland)
Appalachian Echoes

07-08: INSPIRE!! (Metheny)
Minuano 6/8
Under the Sun

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Post by Ex Nihilo » Sat May 17, 2008 1:43 am

i can play that funky music.

now, you play that awesomely righteous metal, black boy. 8-)