Universal Healthcare

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Post by Chapagne » Fri Apr 25, 2008 9:46 pm

Brad wrote:The fact is the capitalistic health care system provides the capital for medical research. It costs millions of dollars and several years to bring that next miracle drug to market, or the next medical technology to the hospital.
Ha! We are desperately in need of miracle drugs. Heard of a little bug called MRSA? You know, the one that has adapted to almost every antibiotic we have? It's not the only one and just you wait! They're all getting tougher.

We pay through the nose for drugs and what do we get? Big Pharm spending billions on advertising, boner pills and drugs that people have to take for years because they refuse to accept the model of health: eat an appropriate amount of a variety of foods and get off your butt every day. But man, do they make money off of those! Antiobiotics are only taken for a couple of weeks, so there isn't much profit there. Consequently, not as much development either.

"Ask your doctor if getting off your a-- is right for you!" - Bill Maher

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