In need of monetary assistance

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In need of monetary assistance

Post by azul » Thu Mar 27, 2003 3:40 pm

Hi. My name is Charles Holden, and I am marching my second year as a Trooper. I've played brass all my life, and march baritone with drum corps. The Troopers have become an icon, a passion, and an inspiration of DCI and the drum corps activity. To me, the Troopers have taught me how to approach life, and how to always seize the moment. This year's a big season; everyone is expecting big surprises from the winds of Casper. A full Division I corps, new horns, and a coast-to-coast tour will benefit our desire to shock the nation with the talent that is brewing and growing within the gyms, band rooms, and on the field of Troopers' camps. The excitement is, of course, exhilarating. However, I am need of tour fee sponsorships to be a part of the 2003 season. Life has pushed on since 2002 Finals, and the hopes of my marching again this year are starting to dwindle due to the lack of job availability needed to pay the necessary dues, so I am here to ask for your assistance. This year will be remembered by Troopers fans and drum corps fans for many years to come. The members are pushing for gold, and the staff has but to teach and refine what has been already learned.

Chaz Holden
Baritone '02

my email address is

my aim is Trooperof2002

my msn email is
Do it up Troop!

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