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How close is DCA to having amps/electronics?
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Author:  pittech [ Mon Aug 02, 2010 2:46 pm ]
Post subject:  How close is DCA to having amps/electronics?

I feel like porting over this post from DCPizzle so here goes...

OK, not to re-hash this topic and get everyone yelling at each other again, but I just happen to have a thought this morning. I know that DCA has voted on amps in the past only to have it voted down. My question is, how close is the reality that in the near future DCA corps will move to the same rules as DCI corps? We all know that the first year amps were allowed in DCI petitions were passed around and turned in to the DCI meetings the following year (not that it did any good). Are we in situation now for those of us that do not wish to see the amps/electronics in DCA need to take pre-emptive action? Do we need the e-mails to directors, petitions signed this year so by the time the DCA meetings come around they know how the fan base, membership base feels before they vote again or like DCI do the powers at DCA not care what the fans and members think? I'm just curious as to other people's thoughts on the pre-emptive issue, not your thoughts on whether you like or dislike the amps/electronics

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