Hostrauser's DCI Rankings - Week 3 (07/12/10)

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Hostrauser's DCI Rankings - Week 3 (07/12/10)

Post by Hostrauser » Mon Jul 12, 2010 7:32 am

My rankings are designed to look more at trends than fluke performances. A corps dropping three spots at one show might be a fluke performance. A corps dropping three spots in my rankings (considering all their shows that week) probably isn't.

These rankings are compiled based on what each corps did score or would have scored on every day of the preceding week (Monday through Sunday). THIS IS NOT A STRAIGHT SCORE COMPARISON. Go to the Blue Knights' page if you want that. THIS IS NOT BASED SOLELY ON EACH CORPS' MOST RECENT SCORE. Just because a corps had the highest score in all of DCI on Saturday does not necessarily mean they will be at the top of the rankings (particularly if they scored lower earlier in the week). SHOW SCORES FROM A PARTICULAR DAY CAN BE ADJUSTED. Judging inflation is taken into account, if the numbers bear it out (see also: the infamous "west coast bump"). For example, Corps A at show X on Friday outscores both Corps B and Corps C (who were at show Y on Friday) by more than a point. However, on Saturday when they all perform together at show Z, Corps B is 1.0 ahead of Corps A and Corps C is only 0.1 behind. Chances are show X's scores were either too high or show Y's scores were too low, and the scores might be adjusted for ALL corps at either show.

The formula is based on seven-days worth of performances. On days when a corps does not perform, they will receive a "ghost score" based on what the other corps they had been in direct competition with most recently scored.

All scores are weighted. Real scores are weighted 100%, ghost scores are weighted at 50%. The two days each week with the most corps performances (Thr-Sun) are weighted 200%. "Super-regionals" like San Antonio and Allentown are (will be) weighted 300%.

These rankings are NOT a prediction of future performance, nor are they representative of a corps' entire season of work. They are stand-alone rankings based upon the most recent week; so programming changes in shows during the course of the season can lead to "hot" and "cold" streaks in the rankings.

And now, without further ado...

86.15 Blue Devils
85.55 The Cadets
85.25 Carolina Crown
84.90 Bluecoats
84.50 The Cavaliers
82.85 Phantom Regiment
82.30 Santa Clara Vanguard
81.80 Blue Knights
81.25 Boston Crusaders
79.80 Blue Stars
78.25 Madison Scouts
76.95 Glassmen
74.90 The Academy
74.55 Colts
73.85 Troopers
73.15 Spirit
72.85 Crossmen
71.05 Pacific Crest
69.90 Teal Sound
69.45 Jersey Surf
69.35 Mandarins
68.40 Pioneer
68.35 Cascades

81.95 Blue Devils B
78.35 Vanguard Cadets
74.10 Gold
72.30 Spartans
72.05 Impulse
71.40 Revolution
71.15 Oregon Crusaders
67.70 Raiders
67.25 7th Regiment
64.70 Spokane Thunder
64.65 Legends
64.50 Racine Souts
63.95 Velvet Knights
63.05 Colt Cadets
61.75 City Sound
54.35 Blue Devils C
43.40 Blue Saints

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