A SoCal Dream Weekend....

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A SoCal Dream Weekend....

Post by mnstudio » Mon Apr 26, 2010 10:23 am

It was a beautiful weekend in Southern California (SoCal)...
Guard 1st rehearsal since the winter guard season is over... Looks like 18 guard on the field this year... :cool2:

The Battery came to play and laid out some heavy groove in the 3rd movement. We still have a space for one snare player so if you got the chops, stop on by. Front ensembles this year has a harder book, but is standing up to the challenge. Still need one more mallet player and a percussionist for the rack.

The Brass book is the biggest challenge Dream has ever had. We have finally filled the Mellophone line but still need an upper lead, a contra and 2 baritones to round out the horn line.

All in all a very productive weekend...

This coming weekend 1st movement drill... :bow: Can't wait...
Hope to have some picture up tonight...
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Re: A SoCal Dream Weekend....

Post by thom » Sun May 02, 2010 10:03 pm

Another Great weekend!!!!

Drill for the 1st movement is taught, the entire corps was marching, playing, spinning.

Still looking for 2 baris and 1 contra to fill the hornline.
And 2 mallets and an aux percussionist.
Thom Willett

Brass Caption Head - SoCal Dream Drum and Bugle Corps

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