Phantom Phan's FINAL 2003 DCI Rankings (08/04/03)

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Phantom Phan's FINAL 2003 DCI Rankings (08/04/03)

Post by Hostrauser » Sun Aug 03, 2003 6:16 pm

Blue Devils! No, Cavaliers! No, Blue Devils! No... who knows? In a refreshing change from the past couple of years, there's actually a fair amount of uncertainty about who's going to take the crown this year come Finals night. The Blue Devils and Cavaliers slugged it out for most of July, with neither ensemble gaining a clear advantage. And neither of them should look over their shoulders, because (mostly unnoticed, I think) The Cadets have snuck up and are standing right behind them.

The battle for the mid-range placements is even more cloudy: Bluecoats, Crusaders, Scouts, Crossmen. Each of them could easily place 6th, or just as easily place 9th. And the battle for Finals isn't resolved just yet, either, with at least 14, possibly 15 corps with their eyes set on Saturday night.

And wouldn't you know it? I'm going to be at the California State Bowling Tournament on Saturday night, so I won't know the results until I get home and load up the DCI page. :?

Until next year...

DCI - Week Seven
Division I Rankings

95.50 Blue Devils
94.85 Cavaliers
94.15 The Cadets
92.85 Santa Clara Vanguard
92.45 Phantom Regiment
88.90 Boston Crusaders
88.60 Bluecoats
88.50 Madison Scouts
88.10 Crossmen
86.90 Carolina Crown
85.75 Spirit from JSU
85.30 Blue Knights
84.75 Magic of Orlando
84.45 Glassmen
82.75 Seattle Cascades
81.10 Colts
79.70 Pacific Crest
78.55 Mandarins
77.75 Capital Regiment
76.60 Kiwanis Kavaliers
75.95 Southwind
74.90 Troopers
69.60 Pioneer

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