Phantom Phan's DCI Rankings (07/28/03)

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Phantom Phan's DCI Rankings (07/28/03)

Post by Hostrauser » Mon Jul 28, 2003 6:01 pm

Okay, okay, so they're a little late this week. I've been on vacation, what can I say? Saturday afternoon I went to a party in the delightful San Diego suburb of Del Mar. The party was mere blocks from the famed Del Mar racetrack where I spent several afternoons with my dad when I was younger. So, as famous Del Mar race announcer Trevor Dunman would say... "Down the stretch they come!"

DCI - Week Six
Division I Rankings

93.90 Blue Devils
93.55 Cavaliers
91.90 The Cadets
90.75 Phantom Regiment
90.55 Santa Clara Vanguard
86.30 Bluecoats
85.85 Madison Scouts
85.55 Boston Crusaders
84.00 Crossmen
83.95 Carolina Crown
83.40 Magic of Orlando
82.75 Blue Knights
81.90 Glassmen
81.70 Spirit from JSU
79.05 Seattle Cascades
77.25 Colts
76.05 Pacific Crest
74.65 Mandarins
73.50 Southwind
73.10 Kiwanis Kavaliers
72.60 Capital Regiment
70.20 Troopers
68.50 Pioneer

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