West Coast Revival!

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West Coast Revival!

Post by Mr Pageantry » Mon Jul 14, 2003 1:16 pm

:wav: The Pacific Crest second show staged at West Covina HS in SO CAL... was a signal to many who had just about given up hope... that there is a renaissance happening in California and the west :D
The weather was almost unbearable as the gates opened... Temperature on the local bank marquee read 104... no shade in sight.... AND for the first time in 6 years the Los Angeles area announced a full scale smog alert... But a goodly crowd had assembled, ready for an exciting evening of sweatsoaked musical performances....
First group on was JESTER from Phoenix Arizona... 'and they're off' another new, young and potential corps from the region.... Brave was a good word.. they were definitely entertainers..
The SENIOR CORPS were new and unique to the region SOCAL DREAM looked ten fold better and sounded terrific at West Covina... They found a willing audience who cheered them on.. I just loved being able to see all those alumni folks from the area.. familiar faces, lots of talent a good show.. thought the drill was a bit too progressive.. they were at their best when they parted your hair down the middle with some tremendous brass performances.... Also had a colorguard that displayed the talent they had never lost!!! RENEGADES weren't really 'EVIL' nope.. they were IMPRESSIVE... They will be a welcome addition to the national Senior DCA scene as the journey back to th DCA Championship... Great arrangements... sensational drill work, percussion performers.. and best of all ATTITUDE... Finally the new RIVER CITY REGIMENT
from Sacramento our State Capital... Off and running.... Remember folks.. THIS SHOW COULDN"T HAVE BEEN HELD 3 years ago.... THREE count'em 3 senior corps
The Junior Show was also a winner... Pacific Crest, host and the only Division I corps was impressive.. still in eqarly season form.. they now have time to 'park and fix'... they'll march in Orlando and will be a special 'present' to the nation... ALLIANCE.. Teeny Tiny Terrific.... YAMATO first ever appearance in So Cal... Arrigato Yamato.. you were a welcome addition to our small community of corps crazies... FEVER.. Boy I was impressed.. we got to the stadium early and there in the blazing sun were the members of Fever preparing their show.. after a brief visit with the staff and parents we knew we were in for a Modesto 'Treat'... They have what it takes and will be a real great addition to our shows next year.. (as well as an impressive contributor to this revival of drum corps in California)... IMPULSE... I am prejudiced.. love the people, love the corps, love the attitude.. they are destined to become one of the nation's most popular 'Entertainment' units.... BLUE DEVIL B... just how proud can parents be when they realize they are looking at a future world champion.... ESPERANZA,, step by step, note by note, day by day San Diego's corps is moving into the national spotlight... They display a talent and sophistication rarely seen in emerging 2nd year corps... The audience, and judges all agreed that this is a rarity.. a winner headed to great things in just a short history...
OK OK so I am excited.. I'm jazzed.. I am turned on to see this 'phoenix' rising out of the ashes.... I was among the many who just two years ago thought that drum corps was 'over' in So Cal.. our corps had died, our audiences were shrinking.. there were NO local shows.. what we had mostly were the alumni and old timers getting together to see Vanguard, Blue Devils, Pacific Crest, and whatever Eastern or midwestern visitor DCI could scrounge up to join us.... Our high school bands, after all were moving into the 'drum corps style or mode' They were great, but were not the genuine corps arrticle..
NOW.. we seem to be back.. after our major touring corps give us a swift weekend of touring and then move on... we now have additional opportunities to see drum corps... Thanks to Esperanza, and Pacific Crest, and RCC and Impulse.. who stage wonderful events for local units, in great locations....
I wanted not to reiterate the names of the music, or the judges numbers, but rather to tell you that those of us in the western region are now breathing a collective sigh of relief in the knowledge that California (and the west) are reborn.. and are staging events that are avilable to many teens and fans to see and admire
It is the hope of a whole bunch of drum corps folks west of Denver that the BLUE DEVILS or VANGUARD will return home this year with another title.. It would add so much to our small community of majestic corps units...
Thanks to everyone who participated, who marched and sweated, who 'came back' to be part of drum & bugle corps in the land of fruits and nuts... We'll be there for you touring again this year.... Vanguard, Blue Devils, their 'feeder' units, plus Alliance, Esperanza, Pacific Crest, Impulse, are coming your way... To be joined by DCA Renegades and SoCal Dream.... We almost lost it all... but we seem to be on a glorious rebound...
NEXT YEAR... Bigger and Better Corps... Bigger and Better Crowds... Bigger and Better shows.... Isn't drum corps wonderful?
Thanks for letting me blab.. answers are welcome and encouraged...


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