North County Band and Orchestra Festival Line-Up

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North County Band and Orchestra Festival Line-Up

Post by dudewheresmycar » Sun Mar 07, 2004 5:08 pm

Friday, March 12
8:00 Aviara Oaks M.S. Band
8:30 Roosevelt M.S. Int. Band
9:00 El Camino String Orchestra
9:30 San Marcos M.S Band
10:00 Madison M.S Int.Band
10:30 Lincoln M.S Orchestra O'side
11:00 Lincoln M.S Vista Int.Band
11:30 Vista Symphonic Band
12:00 Lunch
12:30 King Adv. Orchestra
1:00 Valley Center H.S.Concert Band
1:30 Westview String Orchestra
2:00 Vista Wind Ens. II
2:30 Carlsbad H.S. String Orchestra
3:00 Tesoro H.S. String Orchestra
3:30 Aliso Niguel Orchestra
4:00 Oceanside H.S. Orchestra
4:30 Mt. Carmel Chamber Orchestra
5:00 Aliso Niguel String Orchestra
5:30 Break
6:00 Carlsbad Chamber Orchestra
6:30 El Toro String Orchestra
7:00 Tesoro Orchestra
7:30 El Camino Advanced Orchestra
8:00 Aliso Niguel Orchestra
8:30 Mt. Carmel Chamber Orchestra
9:00 Rancho Bernardo Symphony Orchestra

Saturday, March 13
8:30 Poway H.S. Symphonic Band
9:00 Westview H.S. Freshmen Band
9:30 Poway H.S. Concert Band
10:00 San Dieguito Academy Symp.Band
10:30 Westview H.S. Concert Band
11:00 Poway H.S. Wind Symphony
11:30 San Dieguito Academy Concert Band
12:00 Lunch Break
12:30 Montgomery H.S. Band
1:00 Rancho Buena Vista Concert Band
1:30 King M.S. Intermediate Orchestra
2:00 Rancho Bernardo Concert Band
2:30 Rancho Buena Vista W.E. II
3:00 Mt. Carmel Concert Band
3:30 Rancho Bernardo Freshman Band
4:00 King M.S. Intermediate Band
4:30 Murrieta Valley W.E.
5:00 Mt. Carmel W.E. II
5:30 San Pasqual High School
6:00 Dinner Break
6:30 El Camino W.E.
7:00 Rancho Buena Vista W.E.
7:30 Vista W.E. I
8:00 Rancho Bernardo W.E.
8:30 Mt. Carmel W.E. I
9:00 Etiwanda W.E.

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what happened?

Post by Bandgeek25 » Sun Mar 14, 2004 12:00 am

Anyone know what happened? what bands got and what not? What songs did they play which ones people liked?
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Post by dudewheresmycar » Sun Mar 14, 2004 12:42 pm

The last three orchestras on Friday night received Unanimous Superiors:

Aliso Niguel String Orchestra:
Concerto Grosso in C Major op.6 (Corelli)
Preludio (Allemanda)
Five Variants of Dives and Lazarus (WIlliams)

Mount Carmel Symphony Orchestra:
Night on Bald Mountain (Mussorgsky)
Enigma Variations (Elgar)

Rancho Bernardo Symphony Orchestra:
Overture to the Marriage of Figaro (Mozart)
Symphony No. 5 in E Minor Op. 64 (Tschaikowsky)

I'm not sure what some of the top groups received Saturday night because it wasn't posted. I was particularly amazed at the playing ability of some of these groups. I especially enjoyed Vista and Rancho Bernardo's Wind Ensembles and would say they were the two to watch for the night. Hearing these two groups was like listening to a professional recording on stage, and not a high school group - very mature sound.

Vista Wind Ensemble:
Divertimento (Cichy)
Armenian Dances (Reed)

Rancho Bernardo Wind Ensemble:
Bacchanale, Op. 20 (Rudin)
Gumsuckers March (Grainger)

Mount Carmel Wind Ensemble:
Postcard (Ticheli)
Watchman, Tell us of the Night (Camphouse)

Etiwanda Wind Ensemble:
Lincolnshire Posy (Grainger)
Postcard (Ticheli)

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