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Jazz Xpress on TV
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Author:  Dune00z [ Tue Apr 29, 2003 3:41 pm ]
Post subject:  Jazz Xpress on TV

Just wanted you guys to know Jazz Xpress, (A VERY Good High School/Collegiate Jazz Band) will be on KPBS. The Documentary will be taped on May 15th. Just a few songs on their list... Oleo (Chart=CLass 6), Dreamsville (Chart=Class 6), Cruisin for a Bluesin (Chart = Class 5), and 7 steps to Heaven (Chart=CLass 5).

Chart Class: 1=Novice, 2=beginner, 3=intermediate(highschool), 4= Collegiate, 5= Pro, 6= kik ass

Download Oleo (newest version with clarinet and vibraphones) if you want to hear the shizat that they will play. Theyre GOOOOOD!

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