question: flags...

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question: flags...

Post by sFtwirler01 » Thu Jun 23, 2005 7:06 pm

im starting a new short flags after school.
im a newby to all the flags and items :roll: . and i was wondering whats the normal length for the shaft? and what is the normal length of the actual flag. one last one.... where may i find the cheapest prices but for good quality?

thankx a lot <33.

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I know...

Post by twirlerkat » Sun Dec 17, 2006 9:26 pm has flags & poles, batons, knives, etc. Check them out. I know they have all that in their catalogue, I'll hafta recheck the website to see if it's on there too but they have all that for sure. I was on flagline for 2 yrs (auditioned for 4 before I made it finally) but all I remember is the flagpole I think was 6 ft. long. I'm 5'8" & it was a bit taller than me. Now, when you first start, I suggest wrapping your palms & in between your thumbs & forefingers with sports tape or use gloves, tape is best because w/o it, you'll get blisters starting out & the tape will help protect your hands til you toughen up so-to-speak then you can do w/o the tape after a few days or couple of wks. I'd start out w/plastic poles, they're light & easier to twirl & toss but beware of any good breeze or wind blowing coz it'll get ya. Heavier poles are generally used w/bigger flags. I'd say an average flag would be 3-4 ft across, if anyone knows different, feel free to correct me. :wink: Our poles had velcro on them where the flag went to attach it to the pole so it wouldn't slip--great idea to use. It's good to use the self adheasive type coz it's just peel & stick. Hope this bit of info helps.

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Post by Dancerboi » Fri Jan 19, 2007 5:12 pm

Hey there. . .
the average length for short flag poles are 5ft or 5 1/2ft. I dunno what the silk size is for those. . .
An average tall flag pole is 6ft and can go up to a 7ft or 8ft. . .
For a 6ft pole the best sized silk for it would be 36X52inches. . . .

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Swing Flag

Post by Mad City » Thu Jul 12, 2007 7:09 pm

I think you're talking about swing flags, or short flags you hold in one hand. Unless there are requirments in any association you are in, they can be whatevery you want them to be. Three feet, etc. The silk as well. What is standard? You should check with the association you compete in, otherwise do what you want.
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