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New Drill Team...
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Author:  starshadow [ Wed Aug 18, 2004 6:38 pm ]
Post subject:  New Drill Team...

I'm a lieutenant on a new drill team and we're trying to get started on our own. Our old captain swiched schools so now we don't have anyone with previous experience on a drill team. Can anyone tell me what a color guard is and/or what their relationship to drill team is? And if anyone knows of any upcoming competitions for 2005 I'd be more than grateful for the heads-up!

Author:  mangotango [ Sat Aug 21, 2004 10:01 am ]
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Is this a Torrey Pines drill person?!?! Because if it is... this is Margo! Haha I found this site looking for drumline stuff and just felt like looking in here to see if I could find anything to help you guys out and I found this post!!!

Haha ok.... so from what I've noticed (I'm not completely sure about this), drill team is usually used with the band more in parades and color guard is used more in field show. But I think drill teams are still used in field shows sometimes.... And drill is more of the sharp pom style dance, while color guard is really smooth and graceful. Also, colorguard are those people who do like flags, rifles, and sabres in field show.

As for competitions, theres Maytime Band Review which is a pretty big competition and it is in San Diego too. But the thing is its a parade competition and I think you need to compete with a marching band.... which our school doesn't have. But I'm going to try to get the band to at least try some parades this year.... so maybe you guys will be able to do that competition. Also, have you seen, on this site, about the competition in HAWAII?!?! That was the first thing I found on this site and I was so excited to think of going there for a band trip, then I saw they had drill competitions there too!!!

Ok.... anyways.... thats all I have. So I'll see you when school starts!!!
- Margo

Author:  MusicCoach [ Sat Aug 21, 2004 6:27 pm ]
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Hey! starshadow

This is Elizabeth Ortiz. There is not alot of difference between Drill Team & Color Guard. The only difference is that one deal with pom-poms and the other deal with sabras, flags, rifles and etc.

:D 8-) :P

Author:  mangotango [ Sun Aug 22, 2004 1:51 am ]
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Oh yeah and I'm soooooooo sorry for leaving you guys. I really didn't want to... But I have too much going on this year and not enough time. But whenever I find anything that could be helpful to you guys I'll totally still help you out. And definitely I'll be your guys' connection to the drumline, if you ever need us for a performance. Oh yeah and did Georgene or Jen show you guys the cd that I gave yet??? It has like 4 of the cadences that were doing for sure so you guys can repeat which ever songs you want, put them in any order, or whatever to go with your choreography. Just tell me so we can work something out!!!

- Margo

Author:  starshadow [ Tue Aug 24, 2004 10:00 pm ]
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omg hey! this is molly! thats so funny...the 1st thing i found was the hawaii competition too. thanks about the info on color guard, now I finally have something to tell people when i tell them I'm on drill and they say "oh with the flags?" or "oh with the guns?" We should totally hook up when school starts about the marching band thing because we'd support it all the way! See you then. :D

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