Fresh Again Uniforms & Costumes Odor Control Spray

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Fresh Again Uniforms & Costumes Odor Control Spray

Post by freshagain » Tue Jul 08, 2003 5:47 am

FRESH AGAIN® is an odor neutralizer -- not a fragrance, nor a "cover" for perspiration odor. By converting gaseous odor-producing molecules to a solid, FRESH AGAIN chemically cancels perspiration odors when applied to garments. No gas -- no odor! FRESH AGAIN Uniform and Costume Deodorant Spray works on natural and synthetic fibers, foam padding... especially leathers.

Using FRESH AGAIN after every wearing:
~keeps garments fresh and odor-free
~reduces dry-cleaning costs
~extends life of the garment

Uniformed workers perspire, and so do performers under hot lights. Dry-cleaning uniforms and costumes is expensive and also complicates time schedules. Dry-cleaning does not remove perspiration -- it actually sets it. But now you can dispel those perspiration odors everyday -- instantly -- simply by spraying the affected areas of uniforms or costumes with FRESH AGAIN! By neutralizing the perspiration itself, FRESH AGAIN prevents the damaging effect perspiration can have on fabrics, stitching, foams and leather. Using FRESH AGAIN before dry-cleaning permits total cleaning.
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