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What did you guys think of the NCBA championships?
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Author:  Cole167888 [ Sun Mar 30, 2003 10:01 pm ]
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well for the past 3 years percussion has been shafter into the horrible gyms...amador valleys cafetorioum deal...that was the worst thing ive ever seen..ever...then the tiny tiny tiny gym the next year that was an elementary school i think, that didnt feel like a champs gyms....then this year although we didnt compete the percussion gym wasnt that good at all...ya when NCBA is looking for championships i think they should pick the place with the best facilities (like lodi!! back in the day) cuz this is the 3rd straight year that we've had crappy performance areas...other than that i thought everyone did great, i love fairfields drumline show and i really like jesse bethels drumline show...and vallejos doesnt even need to be mentioned its so great...i was suprised that they beat fairfield...fairfields pit amazes me..ahh i love it

Author:  ikiris [ Sun Mar 30, 2003 11:32 pm ]
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I agree that the drumlines have been getting the short end of the stick when it comes to facilities. The percussion gym had probably five rows of bleachers on either side, the acoustics weren't that good (not the worst in the NCBA circuit, but pretty close), and the loading doorway was in a hall! You had to squeeze your equipment into a hall and then make that left into the doorway. Hogan '99 and 2000 used risers that wouldn't even have fit through that hall/doorway setup, and i'm pretty sure that it's hard for other lines to squeeze their props and equipment into their as well. I can explain this much though, the reason that the gyms have been pretty bad for champs is that a more recent NCBA rule states that the host of the championship show must have two gyms. Not too many schools have two gyms, and when they do, one is definitely not as nice as the other who gets the worser of the two, the drumlines...very sad. I know making more restrictions on door requirements limits locations, but I think there should be standard door sizes for competitions, or at least champs, or maybe AT LEAST details on the door dimensions/loading areas/competition space so you know exactly what kind of space your dealing with before you get there. AHHHH, alright, enough ranting...there were some good shows at champs, i was impressed, but i won't start to comment on the scores.....that's a whole other can of worms

Author:  Colorguard_Tanks_RollyPol [ Tue Apr 01, 2003 10:26 pm ]
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The drumline does not always get the worse gym. Hey know come on harsh words for the championships this year.

Author:  aLL your BASS [ Wed Apr 02, 2003 12:42 pm ]
Post subject:  Seniors!!!

i have to agree that senior classes gave it their all that night. the unit i was in went out on FIRE!!! and i'd like to thank everyone for being a part of it. congratulations on a wonderful last winter season, class of 2003! now only a couple of months 'til we GRADUATE!!! oh yes! i'lll miss it all, though...the late night practices, the long talks with the instructor, the WONDERFUL music, and just doing something you love! we'll never have it like this again...good job and good luck to all!!!

Author:  ilikedruming [ Sat Apr 05, 2003 10:28 pm ]
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the NCBA championships in hollister was great. the staff of San Benito high school was very nice.they had good food at a reasonable price and the also they had "Damm good water". i thought it was a catchy slogan. i had a good time there. i would like to thank the food concessions stand staff that gave me free food when i had no money. i am also going to miss the senior class at my school. i would like to thank them for an awesome season.

Author:  Hostrauser [ Sun Apr 06, 2003 6:11 pm ]
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James Zuniga at San Benito HS is one of the classiest acts I have ever seen. I'm sure it was a terrific event.

Author:  Dune00z [ Sun Apr 06, 2003 9:08 pm ]
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I have only been exposed to adla, what is NCBA?

Author:  Hostrauser [ Mon Apr 07, 2003 3:18 am ]
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Northern California Band Association.

Author:  Cole167888 [ Mon Apr 07, 2003 8:52 pm ]
Post subject:  gyms this year

hey, uhh...this year champs the drumline gym was horrible....the seating was only like 6 rows high and rickety, the acoustics were the worst thing ive ever heard and it overall was a terrible gym....the guard gym was really nice tho..where are you from?

Author:  pitchick00 [ Mon Apr 07, 2003 11:32 pm ]
Post subject:  NCBA champs 2003

I'm not sure what to think of a men's bathroom with WINDOWS! and a long line at the women's bathroom...than havin students askin "where's the closest bathroom. The men's bathroom is locked."
But the food offered was REAL good! whoever made that chicken in the director's lounge needs to hook it up with the recipe. and for the students, there was a LOT of variety...I was cravin that burrito truck quesadilla. YUM!
as for the performance facilities...PLEASE PEOPLE...groups are bein chased out because of the ridiculous nonsense that goes on, but to make us suffer in crappy gyms!! can't we go back to the one HUGE gym...or somethin!! isn't that the big thing of champs...have a good show in a GOOD facility, show the judges the BEST of what we've got to offer? how can we do that in a small gym with humidity up the butt crack because of all the people stuffed in there. I'm sure we're exceeding fire standards or whatever. and i couldn't figure out which gym was smaller, the guards or the percussion. but why can't we juss perform in the SAME gym, because i KNOW the guards was nicer. let's fix this for next year!

Author:  mightyhorn [ Wed Apr 09, 2003 3:21 pm ]
Post subject:  NCBA Finals in Hollister

I've know Mr. Zuniga for almost 30 years and yes he AND his program
are class, class, class all the way. It's been that way with each program he has been with.
Fantastic musicians, guard & percussion. :)

Author:  Loarasnare [ Sun Apr 13, 2003 9:07 pm ]
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Who was the top drumline in all the divisions in NCBA? This is the first time I have even heard of NCBA.

Author:  pingchi [ Wed Apr 16, 2003 10:48 pm ]
Post subject:  Cleared


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