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When it comes to a "good" drumline, is it better to be...

Technique driven
Have a lot of heart
It doesn't matter
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Drumline/Drum ensemble/Winter percussion

Post by EUdrumlineYOUKNOW » Thu Oct 14, 2004 8:44 pm

Hi, I am a newer instructor, this is around my second year as an, i guess you'd call it, unofficial instructor. I help out at my old high school and everything, just like an instructor does. But to get to my question(s) I was wondering a few things about cadences, and shows, and things of this nature.

Being that I am new to all this responsibility, I have no clue on how to go about finding good music to have my drumline perform for winter percussion. If there is anyone willing to possibly work with me on helping me construct a show for a decent drumline with a lot of heart, it would be much appreciated. We are on a tight budget, so money is a factor, but we are willing to pay.

Another thing is, I am fairly new at writing cadences, technique wise. I am able to do "beats" and "grooves," I was wondering if anyone could share there personal influences, or other ideas with me. Or is there a place (website, store, etc) I could go, that is resonably priced, that I could find good cadences?

When it comes to ability of music, there is a tremendous amount of ability, but sight reading and reading is sometimes a factor. So, if you have any ideas for me, it would also be much appreciated if the music wasnt written extremely hard, but also not extremely easy, we are more so in the middle.

If anyone else has any other advice for me, anything will help.

Thank you,
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Post by Shota871 » Thu Oct 14, 2004 10:36 pm

Even though I chose "A Lot of Heart", both musicality and technique serve as important tools for a really good drumline. The members must at least know the basic of using the correct technique for any instrument, but they also gotta understand the musical language of a piece, or just have a lot of fun just playing it. 8-)

In my case, back when I was a high school senior at North HS, I believe that our effort and being driven into the music made the pit section of the drumline win a caption award in ADLA. I really loved our coach. She not only told us the technical side of playing, but this more fun side of playing, which most of us really had.
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Post by Survivor » Fri Oct 15, 2004 5:13 pm

Well the way I think of it as, is that you need both to do well. I mean come on if you just have "heart" then you play with no style, no perfection, and you could be playing just anything. But with good "Tech." then you would be playing like someone who has been trained to play this way. Everything would be the same you know you could not get in to the music.

I need both to play, and its like what my gov't teacher said what came first the egg or the chicken. NO one knows really but all we know is you need both. So thoses are my thoughts I hope they will help you in this time of need.......
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