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Indy Drumline

Post by ellison » Thu Jul 22, 2004 4:59 pm

This question gets asked of me all the time. My first suggestion is to make sure you really truely have the time and energy to start and maintain a project such as an independent program.

If you have not put time in at a school teaching drumline, start there. If you can intern somewhere (especially a private group) where you can get the "behind the scenes" experience of what REALLY goes on with an indy all means, do that first. There is alot more to all this than getting up in front of the line and presenting the idea or teaching the show.

IF, after you have gotten that experience under your belt and you are ready to take it on...then go for it with as much passion as you would give to starting your own business or raising your child as it will take that much energy to pull it off. At least if you are in it for the long haul that is.

Take a look at this document to help you get started on starting your own program:

That document is also a good read if you are interested in getting something happening at your school as well.

Best of luck in your efforts,

Pete Ellison
Executive Director - Black Knights Drum Corps & Winter Guard
President - Southern California Percussion Alliance (SCPA)

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