Slammin' Hybrids

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Slammin' Hybrids

Post by geefunk1026 » Fri Apr 09, 2004 10:56 pm

Hey everybody, I just got word from Columbus Percussion that they are going to carry my book Slammin' Hybrids at their booth during WGI finals in San Diego.

You can drop by and check it out. It's a great time to buy because you won't have to pay shipping.
If you're not going to be there, you can still order it on my website.

Here are the Hybrids/combinations/rudiments in the book.

Rudiments in “Slammin’ Hybrids”
Alternating 3 stroke Herta
4 stroke Herta
5 stroke Herta
4 stroke Herta (paradiddle sticking)
5 stroke Herta (4 stroke sticking)
Alternating single 5
Alternating Single 7
4 stroke Herta w/ upbeat accents
4 stroke herta w/ 2/3 accents
single 5 stoke
Alternating single 5 with upbeat accents
Upbeat rolls
Upbeat single diddles
Paradiddles (several variations)
Double paradiddles (variations)
Paradiddle-diddles (variations)
Upbeat and downbeat Grandmas
Alternating Single hand Tap Drag
Swiss tap drag
Triple stroke tap drag
Non Alternating Paradiddle
Tap Dragadiddle
5 stroke paradiddle
Paradiddle w/ diddle on 4
Slurred 6 stroke Roll
Slurred 5 stroke roll
6 stroke roll
Tap 5 stroke roll
Triple stoke roll (French)
Shirley Murphey
Egg Beaters
Backwards Egg Beaters
4 stroke rolls
Triple flam tap
Flam tap
Quadruple flam tap
Flim flam tap
Swiss Triplet
Swissy flam tap
Left up Swiss,
4 note swiss
Swiss kick
Odd3/even 3
Flam 3+a
Swiss pug
Flam 3-2-1
Flama-flam tap
Flammed mill (variations)
Inverted Flam Taps
Flam Accents
3 note inverts
Triple fubars
Alternating Swiss triplet
Non Alternating flammed mill
3 note flam-a-cue
Single hand patta fla-fla
Single hand triple patty
Mill fla-fla
Flam Paradiddle
Pata-fla-fla paradiddle
Flam Drags
Flam drag-a-cue
Non Alternating flam drag
Swiss flam drag
Flammed mill drag
Swiss flam drag+flamtap
Swiss flam drag-a-cue
Da-swiss drag
Swiss flam drag w/left up
Cheese flam accents
3 stroke Cheese-a-cue
Da cheese
Flam 5
Flam 5-a-cue
Da flam 5
Non alternating cheese
Non alternating flam 5
Flam 2/3
Alt. Flam 2/3
Single flam drag
Alternating swiss flam drag
Non alternating cheeseadiddle
Cheese inverts
3 stroke cheese inverts
Cheese fubars
4 stroke cheese fubars
cheese chuchuttas
fli-flo cheese
Da chucheese
Non Alternating Cheese chuchutta
Cheese single hand patty
Cheese 5 single hand patty
4 stroke swiss drag
fla-fla swiss drag
Flam drag Paradiddle
Flam 5 paradiddle
Flam 5 superdiddle
Cheese-a-flam tap
Cheese-a-cue flamadiddle
Cheese a diddle (variations)
Cheese 5 paradiddle (variations
Flam a single
Cheese a single
Cheese 5 a single
Flamadiddlediddle (variations)
Diddle a flam tap
Book Reports (variations)
Book Marks (variations)
Funky cheese
Funky cheese inverts
Non Alternating funky cheese
Alternating flam thing
Alternating cheese thing
Alternating cheese 5 thing
Alternating flam 6 stroke thing
Alternating flam 7 swiss cheese
Swiss flam 5
3-2 flam 5

See you at finals

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