what type is the best for drumlines.

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Post by MinCook » Tue Mar 30, 2004 9:45 pm

-Very good quality.
-Fairly easy to make sound good.
-New design is extremely light for the basses and tenors.
-New design of basses causes the sound to be thinner than before.
-16 snare guts...and if you are one who likes to clip guts, they can be removed without actually being cut and replaced.
-Birch wood-dryer, brighter sound.

I currently use these, and when I chose to buy those, it was for no other reason than I like the Black Stain that they use.

-Very good quality
-Fairly easy to make sound good
-20 snare guts...can make things very snappy.
-I have seen the wrap on many bass drums have bubbles, most likely from the sun, but this does seem to be a problem on much of pearl's equiptment, such as drumsets also...not sure if they have fixed this
-Their basses sound wonderful, and their tenors are very good too.
-Maple wood-warmer sound

Again, the ONLY reason I didn't buy pearl was that yamaha already offered the color I wanted. Otherwise, the new drums would have been a flip of the coin.

-Quality needs improvement on snares, but has gotten much better and is very close to being right.
-I like the bass sound, but not the bass weight
-Tenors are very heavy.
-Never have liked a snare sound
-vest harnesses are not so good...alan wrench adjustments?
-color options are great

-Snares have too many parts for nothing useful
-tenors go out of round if normal, or if free floating, they way a ton
-basses...I am rather indifferent
-not a well respected name.
I got this off the SC-PA Disscussion Board... maybe would help u
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Post by Spyder » Wed Mar 31, 2004 3:43 pm

The new model yamaha bass drums are very light indeed. We boguth new basses this year. they sound pretty good. I hate the sound of dynasty snares... so much, and the premeir snares DO have too much stuff. im impartial to almost everything else.
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